UPS Ready

Zonos™ makes cloud-based software and APIs shippers can use to calculate accurate landed cost, manage restricted items, localize their checkout, receive foreign payments, mitigate fraud, and generate accurate international shipping rates. Contact sales for a demo.

UPS shippers get 30% off!

  UPS Ready Price 3-Year Standard Price 3-Year
Platform Charge $2,495 ($69 mo) $3,564 ($99 mo)

Receive over $1,000 off the standard monthly fee. UPS savings exclude any transaction fees or merchant fees. The UPS discount is available only for UPS shippers and a 3-year payment. UPS CTP funds may be used for payment and are only available for UPS shippers. Contact your UPS Account Representative to determine whether you qualify for a CTP subsidy.

Transactional Charges

  Using Zonos Payments Using 3rd Party Payment Gateway
Transaction Fee 1.9% 2.8%
Merchant Fee Matches Stripe and PayPal Pricing Your processor rates

Transactional fees are calculated on the order total.

Fraud Services optional

When using Zonos Payments limited fraud screening is performed at time checkout. You can enable the fraud decoder to enable a worklist where 10-20% of orders are put under fraud review with detailed insights on the transaction for your team to review and approve. With Zonos 100% Fraud Coverage we assume responsibility for any fraudulent chargeback.

Fraud Decoder +.9% per transaction
100% Fraud Coverage upon approval +2.9% per transaction


How do I get started?

You chose Zonos to help you sell internationally? Well of course you did! To get started, let’s talk so we can send you a proposal and agreement. Once the agreement is returned, you will be assigned a project manager who will set up a kickoff call to review the integration process.

How long does it take to get set up?

Many online retailers have been live within 24 hours after signing. However, due to varying platforms and complexities, the majority of web stores are integrated within 10-21 days.

Do you have plugins available?

We currently have plugins for Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, 3Dcart, WooCommerce, Miva, Volusion and a host of others coming soon!

Is Zonos compatible with my shopping cart?

Yes, we have yet to find an eCommerce platform we can’t integrate with. However, some shopping carts limit the integration options.

How do I get help and support?

We assign a project manager to all retailers we work with. They are available via phone and email Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. MT. We offer 24-hour technical support for our clients once they are integrated.

Are there any setup costs?

Yes, we do have setup fees that are outlined in our Zonos UPS Ready Page. You may be able to have your setup costs subsidized through the UPS Customer Technology Program (CTP).

What is the access charge?

Included in the platform fee is a yearly annual transactions amount. When that annual amount is exceeded then a per transaction fee is charged. This is a transactional charge on orders completed through the Zonos platform.

Are there any other charges?

Optional services are available such as Fraud Protections and technical resource help. Please check with your iGlobal representative for pricing.

Is a contract required?

Zonos has a licensing agreement. If UPS pays your Startup or Prosper first year fees through the CTP program, there is a separate contract between you and UPS, not Zonos. What does UPS CTP cover?

What is the difference between “Startup” and “Prosper” packages?

Zonos pricing packages are feature driven. Please refer to the features overview list in the pricing summary. Please ask your Zonos sales representative for more detail.

What is the difference between UPS Ready and UPS CTP?

The UPS Ready program consists of over one hundred different providers integrated with UPS technology. The UPS CTP Program contains a select few UPS software providers where UPS can subsidize the purchase of the software.

Is Zonos a UPS Ready and a CTP provider?

Yes, we are! Since 2014, Zonos has been integrated with UPS technology as an approved 3rd party UPS Ready solution. Today, Zonos is a best-in-class UPS CTP software vendor.

Is Zonos’ special pricing only available through the CTP program?

Our special pricing is available to all UPS shippers. However, the UPS subsidy of our setup fee is only available through UPS CTP. You can choose to pay the setup fee out of pocket and still get a killer deal because you are a UPS customer.

Is it a big deal Zonos is both a UPS Ready provider and CTP vendor?


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