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Shipment rating FAQ

Frequently asked questions around shipment rating.

Do I have to connect my carrier account with Zonos?

While it's not required, it is recommended in order to ensure that any negotiated rates you get from your carrier are being pulled into Zonos Dashboard and being charged to your customers. This helps with shipment rating and overall landed cost accuracy.

What is the difference between negotiated and incentivized shipping rates?

Negotiated rates are determined between you and your carrier(s), and are connected to Zonos via API. Whereas, incentivized rates are an additional option your carrier may offer. Incentivized rates are not passed to Zonos via API so you will need to contact our support team to enable account incentives.

What happens if I don't connect the carrier?

Your customer will be charged the carrier's standard rates, which may not match what you are being charged by the carrier.

What if I need to add a handling fee to my shipping rates?

No problem, you can add buffers at a percentage or flat rate to your shipping costs by carrier or service level so that you always charge your customers a handling fee.

What if there are no shipping service levels to enable in my zone?

There will be no service levels to enable if you do not have a carrier account connected or a custom service level created.

How does Zonos stay up-to-date on country information?

Zonos uses data from a variety of sources, including government websites, trade organizations and more. We also have a Decoder team dedicated to managing global trade and staying up-to-date on the latest industry information.