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Screen notifications


Screen notifications

Get notified of possible denied parties or persons with Zonos Screen.

For Zonos Checkout customers, Zonos will screen the buyers post-purchase and notify you of any potential denied-party matches. Zonos checks the buyers against the Consolidated Screening List (CSL).

Consolidated Screening List 

Zonos searches government lists to retrieve known disapproved addresses and name combinations. In the rare circumstance that a possible denied-party match is found on an order, Zonos will notify you via email, or you can call the Zonos API directly. For U.S. ecommerce exporters, the U.S. Denied Persons List (DPL) is the most commonly known list; however, reviewing all lists on the CSL is required. The following lists are checked for U.S. exports.

Department of Commerce

Department of State

Department of Treasury

Screen email notification 

When a possible match is found on a Zonos Checkout order, Zonos will notify you via email.