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AI-generated customs description

Learn how to create a customs quality description to stay compliant.

Zonos AI customs descriptions can efficiently create precise product descriptions that meet global shipping standards, including ICS2.

Learn about customs descriptions 

Customs descriptions are detailed descriptions of goods being shipped that are included on commercial invoices. They are used by customs officials to determine how the shipment should be treated. These descriptions should clearly and concisely state what the item is and what it is made out of, without any unnecessary marketing language or irrelevant details.

Accurate customs descriptions are essential to prevent errors, delays, fines, and penalties. They help customs officials to identify and categorize the goods being shipped, determine the correct duty and tax rates, and screen for any restrictions or export controls. These descriptions are typically reviewed alongside other data points, such as HS codes and item quantities, to verify the contents of the shipment.

AI-generated Customs Description 

Our AI customs descriptions is designed to automate the creation of concise, clear product descriptions that meet the growing demands of international shipping regulations.

With the rise of ecommerce, providing clear product descriptions for international shipments has become increasingly important. Specifically, the ICS2 regulation, enforced by the European Union Commission, requires that all packages going to or through the EU have adequate descriptions of goods in a language that customs authorities can easily understand.

Our AI descriptions are powered by GPT-3 technology and take your product information as-is, such as a product description and category, along with an HS code and its WCO tariff schedule descriptions to transform them into concise descriptions that meet customs and ICS2 requirements.

You generate these AI descriptions with an existing HS code or request an HS code and AI description simultaneously.

By automating the product description process, you can save time, and avoid errors, all while ensuring the smoothest possible customs clearance for you and your customers

One-time AI description requests 

If you are looking for a one-time bulk AI Customs Description request or if you don't have development resources to integrate with the API, our Professional Services team can help. Submit a quote at the bottom of our Professional Services page, and they will reach out to request more information if needed and provide a quote for the service.

Request AI customs descriptions 

Create an AI customs description

All you need to generate an AI description is a product description. However, the more product details you provide, the better your AI Customs Description will be.

If you have an HS code for your product, you can provide that in the request. If you don't have an HS code, we will generate one for you with Zonos Classify.