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Add a buffer


Adding buffers

Learn how to add buffers in Zonos Dashboard. 

Zonos Dashboard allows you to add buffers to your account, which allows you to adjust the values your consumers see at checkout for shipping, landed cost, etc.

You can add the following buffers to your account in Dashboard:

  • Carrier buffer
  • Duty/tax buffer
  • Service level buffer

To add a buffer, simply follow these three steps below:

1. Log in to Dashboard and go to SettingsBuffers in the sidebar.

buffer arrows

2. Select Add buffer and select the type of buffer you’d like to add.

Choose the type of buffer you would like to add.

3. Once you’ve selected the buffer you want to add, customize it as shown in the image below.

Once you have selected the buffer you want to add, you can customize it as
shown in this image.

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