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Learn about ways Zonos calculates shipping costs, generates labels, and customs documentation.

Effortlessly calculate international rates

Easily determine the cost of shipping your package to any international destination, taking into account factors such as weight, dimensions, and destination.

Getting started with rating 

Types of shipment rating 

Configuring shipment rating 


Print labels in the Dashboard.

Decoding commercial invoices 


Screen companies and persons against denied party listings.

Modify service levels and zones 

Once you have enabled your carrier(s) you will see a list of available service levels for each. You can change the display name for those service levels and choose to show or modify the transit times.

Additional carrier fees 

It is important to be aware of other charges that can occur in addition to standard shipping costs. Additional charges such as fuel surcharges, out-of-area fees, residential surcharges, additional handling surcharges, and oversize fees may be charged in addition to shipping. Zonos' shipping calculations include these fees when applicable, which will ensure that you are being quoted the total landed cost and not losing money when shipping internationally.

Examples of common additional carrier fees 

UPSOver Maximum LimitsWeight > 150 lbs. or Length > 108 in. or Length + Girth > 165 in.110 USD / pkg.
FedExOversize ChargeLength > 108 in. or Length + Girth > 130 in.72.50 USD / pkg.
DHL eCommerceOversize / OverweightLength > 48 in. / Weight > 150 lbs.72.50 USD / pkg.
UPSExtended Area SurchargePackages picked up or delivered in an extended area> 30 USD / shipment or 0.30 USD / lb.
FedExInternational Out-of-Delivery/Pickup-Area SurchargePackages picked up or delivered in an extended area> 34 USD / shipment or 0.34 USD / lb.
DHL eCommerceRemote Area ServicePackages picked up or delivered in a remote area> 34 USD / shipment or 0.34 USD / lb.

Next steps 

  • Landed Cost - Learn how the Zonos Landed Cost product works.
  • Import taxes - Read about how Zonos calculates import taxes.
  • Landed Cost settings - If you haven’t already, learn how to use Dashboard to adjust landed cost calculations.


Is Zonos tied to specific carriers?

No; we are a carrier-agnostic solution and will support any carrier(s) you use.

What is the difference between negotiated and incentivized shipping rates?

Negotiated rates are determined between you and your carrier(s), and are connected to Zonos via API. Whereas, incentivized rates are an additional option your carrier may offer. Incentivized rates are not passed to Zonos via API so you will need to contact our support team to enable account incentives.

What if I’m using a carrier other than UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS?

We can help you with that. Please contact your Customer Success rep for assistance.

Can I use Zonos Checkout for my domestic orders and shipping calculations?

Although Zonos was built specifically for cross-border and international transactions, many services and tools we provide have allowed retailers to offer a better checkout experience for their domestic customers.

Zonos has also helped these retailers manage complex shipping rules they were unable to handle with their existing shopping cart platform. If you feel like Zonos Checkout could also help with your domestic checkout experience, please contact us for further information.