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DHL Express account connection 

Learn how to connect your DHL account to Zonos. 

Easily connect directly to your DHL Express account with a secure one-time sign-in through Zonos Dashboard. Our integration with DHL Express uses their API to pull your live shipping rates so you get the most accurate shipping and landed cost calculations. In order to use this feature, you will need to follow the guidelines outlined in this document to connect your account and then enable DHL service levels in your shipping zones and, as always, test to ensure it’s working properly.

Requirements for DHL Express account connection

Checklist for DHL account connection (as outlined in the sections below):

  • Register with DHL Express for production credentials
  • Add your DHL Express production credentials in Zonos Dashboard

How to register with DHL for integration

  1. Go to the DHL Express XML Developer Portal.

  2. Click on Register now.

  3. Fill out the registration form, accept the terms and conditions, then click save.

  4. You will receive two emails from DHL, but you only need the second:

    • Email 1: Received shortly after registration - Disregard this email.

      • DHL XML-API toolkit (not needed for Zonos integration)
      • Sandbox API credentials (do not use; will not work with Zonos)
    • Email 2: Received about 24 hours after registration - Contains the information you need for Zonos integration.

      • Production API credentials:

        • Site ID
        • API password

How to connect DHL with Zonos

  1. Log in to Dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings on the left sidebar.

  3. Select Shipping rates.

  4. Click Connect carrier account.

  5. Select DHL.

  6. Enter the production API credentials you received in your DHL API registration email as follows:

    • Site ID
    • API password
  7. Enter your main billing DHL account number.

  8. Click Save to finish.

Start using your DHL Express shipping

Now that you have your DHL account connected, you will need to do the following to begin using your live DHL Express rates for shipping quotes:

  1. Create shipping zones - Shipping zones allow you to have different service levels, rules, and shipping rates for different countries or groups of countries. There is no limit to how many shipping zones you can create.
  2. Enable DHL Express service levels - Enabling service levels in the zones that you want to use them in allows you to offer different service levels to different zones.
  3. Test your shipping - Test your shipping to make sure everything is working properly and being displayed as intended before being used in production or going live on your website.

Next steps

  • Set up shipping zones- Use shipping zones to manage shipping profiles, rules, and rates by country.
  • Enable service levels - Activate specific service levels in the shipping zones of your choice.
  • Test your shipping - Test your custom shipping rules, carrier connections, and shipping service levels before they go live on your website.
  • Configure carrier fees - Modify and choose whether you want to waive or reduce carrier fees charged on your shipments.