X-Cart for Zonos Hello

Zonos Hello installation

Go directly to the following URL to install the free version of Zonos Hello.

Alternatively, you can login to your X-Cart account and follow the steps below to find the app in the X-Cart marketplace.

  1. Log in to your X-Cart back-end.
  2. In the left-hand menu, find My addons, then click on the light-gray plus square. X-Cart addons
  3. A modal will pop up. X-Cart modal
  4. Select View more addons in Marketplace. You will be taken to the Addons Marketplace. X-Cart marketplace
  5. In the search bar, type “Zonos” and press enter.
  6. Your search results will show both Zonos app modules: Zonos Checkout and Zonos Hello Widget.
  7. Go to the Zonos Hello Widget page and click Install > Install addons. Install

Zonos Hello configuration

  1. Click the toggle button to enable the Zonos Hello Widget module to ON. X-Cart Hello
  2. Click Save changes. Save changes
  3. Once the widget is turned on, click on Settings. You will be taken to the “Zonos Hello Widget” module settings. Settings module
  4. Place your unique Zonos Hello SiteKey into the empty text box. Hello SiteKey
  5. Click ON next to Show rates on the product page. Show rates
  6. Click Submit to save. Zonos Hello should now show up on the website.