Zonos Checkout for WooCommerce


Install Zonos Checkout

Log in to WordPress Admin with your unique credentials.

WooCommerce Login

Select Plugins in the left sidebar. Under Installed Plugins, click on Add New.

WooCommerce plugins

Search for “Zonos” in the search bar, and you’ll see the Zonos Checkout extension. Click on Install Now.

Configure general settings

Under Plugins, go to the Zonos Checkout plugin > Settings.

In General Settings > Activate Zonos, select the radio button for Test Mode.

Note: In test mode, ?zonos=true is required at the end of the URL to reach the international checkout.

WooCommerce general

Require Login: This will redirect to the login page if the user is not logged in.

Import Test Orders: This will import any Zonos test orders into WooCommerce.

No Ship Countries: These are countries that you do not ship to.

Domestic Countries: These countries will be considered domestic and go through the WooCommerce checkout.

Make sure to save these settings after configuration.

Configure account settings

Your Implementation Rep should provide you with your store ID number and API key.

In the Account Settings, enter the values for your store ID number, API key, and subdomain into your WooCommerce account settings, then save your settings.

Configure Zonos Hello

WooCommerce hello

Enable Zonos Hello: Select the Enable radio button.

Site Key: Enter the site key for Zonos Hello that should have been provided by your Implementation Rep.

Checkout Selectors: Input the CSS selectors for all checkout buttons. See instructions here on how to find CSS selectors.

Product URL Directory: You can find this value by opening any product page in a browser tab and checking the URL. For example: https://examplesite.com/product/test-products - in this case, you would use /product/ as the value.

Currency Conversion: Input the CSS selectors for the currency displayed on the website. See instructions here on how to find CSS selectors.

Upload Custom JS: Leave this field empty. You do not need to upload any files unless instructed by your Implementation Rep.