Volusion Order Imports

Importing Orders for Volusion

In order for Zonos to import orders into the Volusion backend of your site, Zonos will need you to:

Create a Zonos admin account

Before you can get the Volusion API URL, you need to make a Zonos admin account.

Volusion requires the password for an admin account to be changed at least every 90 days.

Password Expiration Message

This causes an issue with importing international orders, because the Volusion API URL has the account’s password encrypted in the URL. Zonos saves off this URL to use for importing; when the admin account password gets changed, Zonos no longer has access to import orders.

To get around this issue, Zonos requires you to create a Zonos admin account that you just make once and would not require you to log in. Make sure your password is secure.

Administrators Option

Basic Customer Info Form

Edit Access Rules

Generate the Volusion API URL

Import/Export Option

Volusion API Tab

Run Generic\Orders

Volusion API URL

Note: Before sending the API URL to Zonos, make sure the email in the URL has the email: international@zonos.com. If it does not, then sign out and sign in again to the Zonos admin account, and redo the steps for generating the Volusion API URL.