Zonos Hello for Shopify

We are excited to welcome Shopify customers who are interested in using our free version of Zonos Hello!

Below are instructions for registration and to install Hello on your Shopify store.


1. Sign up

sign up

2. Fill out the form.

create account




3. Verify your email.

email verification

setting up

4. Get your custom Hello script.

custom Hello script

5. Place Hello into your Shopify store.

online store


edit code

theme file

place script


Adding a duty and tax quote


        {% if product %}
            items: [{
              price:  / 100,
              name: "",
              url: "",
              image: "https:"
            currencyCode: ''
        {% elsif request.path == '/cart' %}
            items: [
              {% for item in cart.items %}
                price:  /100,
                quantity: ,
                name: "",
                url: "",
                image: "https:"
            {% endfor %}
            ],currencyCode: ''});
        {% endif %}

Hiding Zonos Hello

Hide Zonos Hello for all countries

Find the .z-intl section of the CSS, then add #zonos as a section in the CSS. The line should look something like this:

.z-intl #zonos { display: none; }

Hide Zonos Hello for specific countries

Add the #zonos id combined with the country code that doubles as the CSS class for that country to the .z-intl { display: none; } function. In Shopify, this can be found in the iglobal.liquid file. The line should look something like this:

.z-intl #zonos.US { display: none };