Shopify Apps

Zonos™ offers two different Shopify Apps

Which Shopify App is right for you?

Determining which Shopify app would be best for your business, depends on your process and current workflow. The Zonos Shopify Hosted Checkout (Private Listing) is certainly more robust and offers more features than our Shopify Duty Tax Calculator but, if it is mandatory to process orders through the Shopify checkout it may be a better solution. Below is a breakdown of what options are and are not available for each app. Please feel free to reach out to a Zonos sales associate to discuss what option would work best for you.

  Zonos Landed Cost for Shopify Checkout Zonos Checkout for Shopify
Uses Shopify Checkout Yes No
Shopify Promo Codes Yes No
Duty and Tax Quotes Yes Yes
Can use Shopify Payments Yes No
Uses Zonos Checkout No Yes
Zonos Fraud Protection No Yes
Denied Party Screening No Yes
Checkout Translation No Yes
Custom Messaging No Yes
Duty and Tax Separate from shipping quote No Yes
Currency Conversion No Yes
Welcome Mat No Yes
Abandoned Cart Emails No Yes
International Label Creation No Yes
App.Zonos Order Management No Yes
Pricing $99 / mo & 1.9% Transaction Fee $99 / Mo & 1.9% or 2.8% Transaction Fee

Shopify - Zonos Checkout hosted solution

The Zonos Shopify App (private listing) enables access to the Zonos Checkout, the premier cross-border solution that enhances your international customer’s shopping experience while removing the issue’s e-commerce retailers face in selling cross-border.

Key features

How it works

Customers add products to their cart, just like before, but will be redirected to the Zonos Checkout to complete their order. The Zonos checkout (designed to have your store’s look and feel), brings added functionality and flexibility not available with the Shopify checkout. Add your carriers rates and custom shipping rules with ease. Your customers can complete checkout in their local language with localized address fields. Take advantage of abandoned cart emails that also utilize language translation as well. Add custom messages, delivery times, and more.

When the purchase is complete, you can choose to have that order imported into Shopify or manage your orders from the Zonos App where you can easily manage orders, print international shipping labels and customs docs, manage promo codes**, send email confirmations, and more.

Zonos can also take the worry out of international shipping compliance and fraud as well. Whether that might be handling item and country restrictions, notifying you of any possible matches against the consolidated screening list, or giving you the option of 100% fraud protection, Zonos keeps the control in your hands while mitigating the risk that can come with international sales.

*Payment processing: When using Zonos Payments, customers can pay in their local currency. If using your processor, customers will settle in USD. For a list of external processors we integrate with, go to 3rd Party Gateways. IMPORTANT Zonos does not integrate with Shopify Payments.

**Promo codes: Shopify promo codes will not work inside the Zonos checkout. However, you can create Promo Codes inside the Zonos App specific for your international customers.

Zonos Checkout for Shopify Installation Guide

Zonos Checkout for Shopify is a Private Shopify App and is not listed on the app store. Installation of the Shopify Extension is quick and easy. Follow the instructions below or those found in the app itself once the extension has been downloaded.

  1. Set-up your Zonos store inside the Zonos App with the login information that was sent after sign up. View the Quick Setupfor instructions on getting your Zonos store set up quickly.
  2. While logged into to both your Shopify admin and Zonos App, go to Plugins page and click on the shopify plugin.
  3. Install the app by clicking on the “GET” button and enter your stores URL as prompted and click submit.
  4. Once the app is installed, open the Zonos app found in the apps section in Shopify.
    Shopify Installation
  5. In app settings, enter in your store ID and API key found on the plugins tab in Plugins section in the app.
  6. Enter your logo URL that you will want displayed on the welcome mat. Shopify Welcome Mat

  7. You can convert the currency on your site by clicking the “Convert prices to foreign currency” box and following the steps on the Installation Instructions page in the app. This is recommended to enhance the international customers shopping experience.

    Note: If using Zonos Payments, the amount shown on the shopping cart will be the amount the customer actually pays at checkout. If using your own payment processor, the rate shown is only an estimate as payment will be processed in USD at checkout.

  8. Install the iGlobal Snippet {% include 'iglobal' %} in the layout/theme.liquid file right before the closing body tag.

  9. Add the igFlag element <div id="igFlag"></div> into the theme where you would like the flag to show.

  10. In Shopify Settings > Shipping, create a zone for “Rest of World”. Note: Rates do not need to be set up in Shopify for this zone. It only needs to be enabled to allow the importing of international orders from Zonos.

Your Shopify store is ready to go!

Zonos Recommends

Zonos recommends installing the app on a staging site before rolling to your live site. Testing can be completed by clicking on the US flag and changing to another country (this process happens automatically for your international customers based on their IP address), adding items to your cart and checking out. If the app is set to “Enabled”, you will automatically be redirect to the Zonos Checkout. If it is set to “Test Mode”, you’ll need to add <?iGlobal=true> at the end of your URL in the cart page, hitting “Enter”, and the checkout.

Shopify Duty and Tax Calculator App

The Zonos Shopify Duty and Tax Calculator App (Public) is a quick and easy way to give your international customers a full landed cost inside your Shopify checkout. With the app, you can show the carrier and service levels of your choice with all of the duties, taxes, and brokerage fees included at time of checkout. Zonos handles the shipping calculations as well giving you added flexibility with your international shipping options. The Duty and Tax Calculator App allows you to:

  1. Enhance your international customer’s experience by removing the “unknown” of additional fees at the time your package arrives
  2. Reduce the amount of package refusal due to unexpected fees
  3. Increase delivery time and reduce delays due to carriers and brokers needing additional monies for duties and taxes.
  4. Set up custom shipping rates and rules that may not be available through your current Shopify store.

Set up is quick and you can be up and running in a few hours. If your looking for a more robust solution to include, currency conversion, checkout translation, consolidated screening, fraud protection and more, checkout our Shopify Hosted Checkout solution.


This app requires a Shopify plan with real-time carrier shipping.

Duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are all inclusive in the shipping cost. They are not broken out separately. Shipping calculations are handled by Zonos and will use your carriers rates and rules that you set. Any shipping rules set inside Shopify will not apply.

Promo codes and gift cards will function the same but any “free” shipping promotions will also remove any duty and tax amount from the shipping option as well.

Some carriers may not offer a “DDP” (duties and taxes prepaid) solution. Those service levels can still be shown in the checkout and recommended to do so, but will not show as “duty and taxes included”.

Zonos Landed Cost for Shopify Checkout Installation

Zonos Landed Cost for Shopify Checkout is a public app and is available on the Shopify App store. Follow the instructions below or those found in the app itself once the extension has been downloaded.

  1. Set-up your Zonos store inside with the login information that was sent after sign up.
  2. Go to to download the app.
  3. Accept the $99 / mo charge that will be billed direct to your Shopify account (a 1.9% transaction charge will be assessed on all international orders and charged to you direct from Zonos).
  4. Enter the Store ID and API Key found here Shopify Installation
  5. Enable “Zonos” for your Rest of World shipping carrier. Shopify Rest of World

    Note: If “force duty and tax” is not selected in app.zonos, your customers will have the option of both shipping without duties and taxes paid and having those included in the shipping total. Example shown below:

Shopify Landed Cost