Zonos Checkout for Shopify

The Zonos Checkout for Shopify app (private listing) enables access to the Zonos Checkout – the premier cross-border solution to enhance your international customers’ shopping experience while removing the issues eCommerce retailers face in selling cross-border.

Key features

How Zonos Checkout works

Customers add products to their cart (just like before) but will be redirected to the Zonos Checkout to complete their order. The Zonos Checkout (designed to have your store’s look and feel), brings added functionality and flexibility not available with the Shopify Checkout. Add your carrier rates and custom shipping rules with ease. Your customers can complete checkout in their local language with localized address fields. Take advantage of abandoned cart emails that also use language translation. Add custom messages, delivery times, and more.

When the purchase is complete, you can choose to have that order imported into Shopify or manage your orders from the Zonos app, where you can easily manage orders, print international shipping labels and custom documents, manage promo codes**, send email confirmations, and more.

Zonos can also take the worry out of international shipping compliance and fraud. Whether that may be handling item and country restrictions, notifying you of any possible matches against the [consolidated screening list], or giving you the option of 100% fraud protection, Zonos keeps the control in your hands while mitigating the risk that can come with international sales.

*Payment processing: When using Zonos Payments, customers can pay in their local currency. If using your processor, customers will settle in USD. For a list of external processors that we integrate with, go to [3rd Party Gateways].

IMPORTANT: Zonos does not integrate with Shopify Payments.

**Promo codes: Shopify promo codes will not work inside the Zonos Checkout; however, you can create promo codes inside the Zonos app specific for your international customers.

Zonos Checkout installation

Zonos Checkout is a private Shopify app and is not listed on the app store. Installation of the Shopify extension is quick and easy. Follow the instructions below or those found in the app once you have downloaded the extension.

Note: If using Zonos Payments, the amount shown on the shopping cart will be the amount the customer actually pays at checkout. If using your own payment processor, the rate shown is only an estimate as payment will be processed in USD at checkout.

iglobal snippet

Your Shopify store is ready to go!

Zonos recommends:

  • Install the app on a staging site for testing before pushing live.
  • View the Go Live Checklist before turning the site live (some items may not be applicable).
  • Ensure you ship items DDP (Delivery Duties Prepaid) if taxes were paid in advance. Otherwise, your customer will be billed at checkout and upon delivery as well.
  • Note that orders may be delayed on import if they are in a fraud review (validating) state to make sure fraudulent orders are not shipped out.

Domestic redirect (Shopify Plus only)

To redirect a Shopify Plus site in your domestic checkout when a customer selects an international country, please follow the instructions below…

Note: Make sure you have checkout.liquid enabled in your theme files. If you do not, you need to call Shopify and have this feature enabled.

  • The Shopify checkout is updated twice a year. Updating may remove previous customizations that Zonos has made from the checkout.liquid file.
  1. First, ask Zonos for the zonos-checkout.liquid file.
  2. In the theme files, under Snippets, select Add a new snippet. Add snippet
  3. Name the file “zonos-checkout”. Then click on Create snippet. Create snippet
  4. Add the code from the zonos-checkout.liquid file to the new zonos-checkout.liquid file you just created.
  5. Under Layout in the theme files, select Add a new layout.
  6. Select checkout after Create a new layout from, then click on the Create layout button. Create layout
  7. Add the following script to the file before the closing </body> tag: { include 'zonos-checkout' %}

Zonos checkout script