Zonos Checkout for Magento 2

Magento 2 installation

Follow the instructions below to install our Magento 2.0 plugin.

  1. Click here to install our Magento 2 plugin.
  2. FTP into your site, then place the unzipped contents of the app folder into: app/code/Zonos/App/.
  3. Run php bin/magento setup:upgrade from the Magento root directory.
  4. Run php bin/magento setup:di:compile from the Magento root directory.
  5. If you encounter issues where the entire site goes down, run php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy.
  6. Go to Stores > Configuration > Zonos. This is where you can arrange the settings.

Alternatively, you can also install Magento 2 using a shell script. Click here for the script and instructions.

Add international flag and activate international checkout

Magento 2 Dashboard

Zonos Configuration

Zonos Store Setup

Zonos Hello Setup

Cache Management Link

Cache Management Page

Zonos recommends:

  • Install the app on a staging site for testing before pushing live.
  • View the Go Live Checklist before turning the site live (some items may not be applicable).
  • Ensure you ship items DDP (Delivery Duties Prepaid) if taxes were paid in advance. Otherwise, your customer will be billed at checkout and upon delivery as well.
  • Note that orders may be delayed on import if they are in a fraud review (validating) state to make sure fraudulent orders are not shipped out.