Zonos for BigCommerce

BigCommerce installation

It’s quick and easy to install the Big Commerce Zonos app.

Simply click “GET THIS APP” and then “CONFIRM” the access required for the app to function properly.

Once installed, you will see the following settings inside the Zonos app in BigCommerce…


bigcommerce setup

Zonos Hello

Upon installation of the app, the “Site Key” will auto-populate and Zonos Hello will be active on the site. You have the option to disable Zonos Hello.

Note: Zonos Hello must be enabled for the Zonos Checkout to function.

Currency conversion

Zonos Hello has the ability to convert the currency through your site based on the visiting customer’s country. To enable this, click Enable under the currency conversion heading.

Zonos Checkout

This setting is set to “Disable” upon installation as there are settings inside the Zonos app that need to be set-up prior to turning your checkout live e.g. shipping rates, payment credentials, and landed cost settings (See the Quick Setup Guide for instructions).

Store setup

If you have a completed agreement prior to installing the app, these credentials will auto-populate upon installation. If you have not completed that agreement, please contact inquire@zonos.com or call 801-869-8107 and we will help get you set up. Once you have your login to the Zonos app, you can navigate to the Plugins section in the Zonos app and find your credentials there.

Once your store setup is complete in the Zonos App and credentials are updated, you are ready to go live!

NOTE: Be sure to save any changes by clicking the “Update Settings” button.

Zonos recommends:

  • Install the app on a staging site for testing before pushing live.
  • View the Go Live Checklist before turning the site live (some items may not be applicable).
  • Ensure you ship items DDP (Delivery Duties Prepaid) if taxes were paid in advance. Otherwise, your customer will be billed at checkout and upon delivery as well.
  • Note that orders may be delayed on import if they are in a fraud review (validating) state to make sure fraudulent orders are not shipped out.