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Singapore gst settings


Singapore GST settings - Extended OVR Regime 

Learn how to activate low-value goods and services tax (GST) collection for your store by adding your Singapore GST number in Zonos Dashboard when you exceed Singapore’s registration thresholds. Not adding your GST number means Zonos will not collect GST from your Singaporean customers on low-value orders. Learn more about Singapore GST compliance in our guide.

Add Singaporean GST ID in Zonos Dashboard 

1. Log in to Zonos Dashboard.

2. Navigate to SettingsTax IDs in the left sidebar.

3. Click the dropdown below Add a new tax ID and select Singapore.

4. At this point, you can add your Singaporean GST number and exemption option.

  • There are currently two versions of the Singaporean GST that we support based on your registration and exemptions with OVR:

    • Default: Zonos assesses value and calculates tax based on the item value only when the item costs 400 SGD or less. This means each individual item’s value is used to determine if it is low-value as opposed to all the items in the order or the cost of the order plus shipping (CIF - cost insurance freight).
    • Consignment: Zonos assesses value and calculates tax based on the CIF value on the entire order where that value is 400 SGD or less.

5. Click Save once you have entered your GST number and selected your exemption type.

How the Singaporean GST ID is used 

Once you have entered your GST ID in your Zonos Dashboard account, we will ensure that it is transmitted properly each time you process a shipment to Singapore via Dashboard. This includes:

  • Passing the GST ID electronically for courier shipments to Singapore

  • Denoting items that have GST paid on the commercial invoice for shipments to Singapore

  • Including the GST ID and denoting items that have GST paid on the CN22/CN23 for postal shipments to Singapore

  • Calculating and collecting GST on all low-value orders for Singapore

    • These orders are not subject to duty
    • You must retain the money collected in GST for these orders to remit later to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)

Edit your Singapore GST number in Dashboard 

If you added a placeholder number and are ready to add your correct tax ID number, or if you need to edit your tax ID, you can do so in Dashboard.

1. Go to SettingsTax IDs.

2. Under Tax IDs, select Edit next to your Singapore GST number.

3. Enter the correct Singapore GST number and click Save.

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