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Australia gst settings


Australia GST settings in Zonos Dashboard

Learn how to activate low-value GST collection for your store in Zonos Dashboard.

You can allow low-value GST collection for your Australian orders by adding your Australian tax ID number in Zonos Dashboard. Not adding your GST number means Zonos will not be collecting GST from your Australian customers on their low-value orders.

Add your Australian GST number to Dashboard

1. To add your Australian GST number in Zonos Dashboard go to SettingsTax IDs.

Go to Settings then Tax IDs.

2. Select Australia from the country dropdown.

Select Australia in the dropdown.

3. Select Add and enter your tax ID number in the textbox labeled ARN number, or if your tax registration is not yet complete you may use a placeholder. Adding a number here is what triggers Zonos to start collecting GST from your Australian shoppers. Please remember to come back and add your real tax ID once you have it.

Enter your ATO reference number.

4. Select Save and you should see your Australian GST number listed below Tax IDs.

Edit your Australian GST number in Dashboard

If you added a placeholder number and are ready to add your correct tax ID number, or if you need to edit your tax ID, you can do so in Dashboard.

1. Go to SettingsTax IDs.

2. Under Tax IDs, select edit next to your Australian GST number.

Edit your tax ID number.

3. Enter the correct Australian GST number and hit save.

Save the edit to your tax ID number.

Why should I add my Australian GST number to Zonos Dashboard? 

  • To begin calculating and collecting GST on all low-value orders for Australia

    • These orders are not subject to duty.
    • You must retain the money collected in GST for these orders to remit it later to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

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