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Landed Cost for WooCommerce 

Learn about our custom Duty and Tax module for WooCommerce and how to integrate it.

What it does 

Using the WooCommerce Duty and Tax module will allow the following:

  • Zonos will calculate a total landed cost (including shipping, duties, taxes, and fees), then insert it directly into your native checkout. We will itemize shipping separately from duties and taxes.
  • Orders will appear both in Dashboard and in WooCommerce.
  • Order status and tracking numbers will sync from Dashboard to WooCommerce.

How we integrate 

WooCommerce is a customizable platform. This means that a one-size-fits all integration, like a plugin, doesn't work very well on WooCommerce. Instead, our engineers have created a customizable module to make integration easy for you. Our engineers will review your store's custom setup in WooCommerce, add our WooCommerce Duty and Tax module and adjust the code to accomodate your store.

Steps to integrate


Create and configure a Zonos account

  1. Register for a Dashboard account.
  2. After registering, complete your Account setup.

Install the Duty and Tax module

The Duty and Tax module is only available for installation through our Professional Services team. Our engineers will install the Landed Cost module for you once you start onboarding with your Project Manager in onboarding.


Configure the Duty and Tax module in WooCommerce

Our engineers will adjust the settings as needed. They will work with your Project Manager if they have any questions for you.


Test your integration

Now that you have set up your account and your module, you are ready to test it by doing the following:

Test shipping quotes

  1. Add item(s) to your cart. We recommend using a higher value (above the de minimis) to ensure that duties and taxes will be due for the order.
  2. Click Checkout.
  3. Add an international address to your checkout. (Note: If you are connected to an API for shipping rates, you will need to use a real address or you will not get quotes back.)
  4. If set up correctly, you will see Zonos quotes (including duties and taxes) in your shipping methods offered.

Test order flow through your systems

  1. Place an order on your site for testing purposes.
  2. Follow your test order through your systems for fulfillment, label printing, and finances to ensure there are no conflicts.

If you print your labels from Dashboard

  1. Confirm labels will generate successfully by printing a test label. If you have multiple carriers enabled, print a label for each carrier. You can void your label after printing it, then use the same order to test more labels.

    • If you receive an error when printing a label in the Dashboard, learn how to resolve label errors.
  2. Once tested, void the label, then cancel and refund your test order.

After completing testing, you are now ready to go live. Let your Project Manager know when you are ready, and they can enable the Duty and Tax module for you!


Below is an example of a native WooCommerce checkout using the WooCommerce Duty and Tax module. Since WooCommerce is customizable, your checkout may look different from the one below.