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Handling discounts


How Zonos handles Shopify discounts 


Shopify's API does not provide visibility into which discounts are applied to an order at time of checkout. As a result, we are only able to calculate landed cost for the original order amount, without discounts. As a workaround, we can calculate a new landed cost amount when an order with a discount syncs into our system and can automatically refund the difference back to the customer. While not entirely ideal, this avoids your shoppers from being overcharged on landed cost for orders that have discounts applied.

This feature is currently disabled by default and opt-in only. To enable our workaround for Shopify orders with discounts, please contact Zonos Support.

What you'll see in Shopify 

Zonos will automatically attach a note to the refund created so that you can see why it was generated from within your Shopify Admin. Your order will display a pending refund immediately once placed, which will move from "Pending" to "Complete" after a day or two (depending on payment processor, card issuer, etc.)

What you'll see in the Zonos Dashboard 

When a Shopify order with discounts syncs into our system, it will display the post-discount landed cost amount. This means orders you view in Dashboard will appear the same as they will in Shopify with the workaround refund applied. Your commercial invoice, order receipt, packing slip, and other related customs docs will display the correct landed cost with discounts taken into account as a result of this.

What your shoppers will see 

Because we are unable to see the discounts that shoppers apply at the time of checkout, shoppers will see a landed cost amount which reflects the entire order amount before discounts are applied when they place orders.

Shoppers will see two transactions on their bank statements - one for the order with landed cost applied to the total pre-discount, and an additional, smaller transaction for the refunded difference. These will add up to the correct amount with discounts taking into account in the landed cost calculation. It can take up to a few days for the additional refund transaction to appear on your shopper's credit card statement.