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Zonos Landed Cost for Salesforce

Learn about the Zonos Landed Cost for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 

Looking for a quick and easy way to integrate duties and taxes into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform?

With Zonos Landed Cost for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, your customers get accurate duties, taxes, and shipping rates at checkout. With an improved customer experience, this means conversion, retention, and profit for you!


Landed Cost for Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to:

  • Enhance your international customers’ experience by removing the “unknown” of additional fees at the time your package arrives.
  • Reduce the amount of package refusals due to unexpected fees.
  • Increase delivery time and reduce delays from carriers and brokers requiring additional monies for duties and taxes.
  • Set up custom shipping rates and rules that may not be currently available to your store on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Getting started

Follow the steps below to install Landed Cost for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

1. Deploy the cartridge int_zonos_sfra to the sandbox by running the NPM install and uploading it.

2. Add int_zonos_sfra to the left of the cartridge path.

3. Upload/import the System Objection Extensions XML file (20191210-zonos-system-objects.xml).

4. Go to Merchant ToolsSite PreferencesCustom Preferences.

5. Click on the Zonos attribute group.

6. Next, enter the appropriate values for your storefront. Below are some example values as a reference.

Zonos EnabledYes
Zonos Token10ab11c0-11b0-1011-0cde-1f01g0111h01
Zonos Secreta1bcd010-e11f-101g-h111-10j10101k10l
Zonos Store Id####
Zonos Version2019-11-21
Zonos Site Key1AB01CDECDE0F

7. Go to Merchant ToolsOrderingShipping Methods to fill in the three Zonos custom attributes below as these are sent to the Zonos API.

  • Carrier
  • Service Level
  • IsDDP

8. Set up SFCC Services, profiles, and credentials for Zonos API calls.

a) Profiles

b) Credentials

c) Services