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Guaranteed calculations


Guaranteed calculations 

With the Landed Cost Guarantee, you can receive peace of mind with a transparent, fully-guaranteed calculation. Zonos covers any landed cost discrepancies, ensuring you never have to worry about disputing fees.

How our guarantee works 

With the Landed Cost Guarantee, Zonos handles the payment of duties, taxes, and fees to the appropriate government agency, customs, carrier, or broker.

Included products and services 

Our guarantee includes landed cost calculations, restrictions, screening, and classifications to get an accurate landed cost. The classification will be provided at the time of shipment. Our platform fee includes 10,000 annual product classifications in Dashboard. If you are on an ecommerce platform with a plugin, we are working on adding Restrict and Screen to the plugin. When they become available, it will be at no charge. For those using Checkout, Restrict and Screen are included today.

Duty and tax bills 

When shipments are sent DDP (delivery duty paid), the duties and taxes are billed to Zonos' carrier account, while shipping charges are billed to your account. We support UPS, FedEx, DHL, and many consolidators. Depending on who you ship with, you may need to produce labels inside Dashboard. See a list of carriers and shipping requirements.

For UPS shippers: UPS is the only carrier that charges a DDP fee. The fee is charged on your shipping bill). In the United States, it is a 15 USD duty and tax forwarding surcharge. Other countries of export with UPS have equivalent fees charged to your shipping account. You can adjust your shipping costs to accommodate the fee, or Zonos can calculate it. However, it is your responsibility to pay the charge to UPS. Talk to your UPS representative about possible incentives, such as a waiver for the duty and tax forwarding surcharge.

Direct tax remittance 

With the emergence of low-value tax laws, remitting taxes directly to government agencies may be required. Zonos will remit the necessary payments on your behalf.

Great Britain, European Union, Norway, Singapore

The Zonos tax ID for shipments to Great Britain, European Union, and Norway. This makes it completely hands-off for the shipper, and you don’t have to register or remit. The European Union (EU), which falls under IOSS, uses the Zonos IOSS number and supports shipping from all countries to the EU. Once the threshold is exceeded for shipments to Singapore, Zonos will contact you for a signed agreement to remit with the Zonos tax ID. If you already have a tax ID in these countries, you can de-register your tax ID if you like; however, if you don’t de-register, you must file with zero amount on your active tax ID.

Australia and New Zealand

Once you meet the threshold for remittance in Australia or New Zealand, the Zonos tax ID can’t be used. You will need to use your own tax ID. Zonos will assist you with registering your ID, and Zonos will remit the tax on your behalf. You will have a unique ID tied to your company in both countries. If, before signing up with Zonos, you currently have a tax ID in these countries, Zonos may need to get order details and revenue for the previous quarter and process the full payment. There will be no charge to pay any taxes on your behalf for those orders that have not had tax remitted.

Discounted advancement fees 

Zonos discounts many of the backend fees. The discounts range as high as 50% off disbursement and advancement fees. These fees are otherwise difficult to negotiate with your carrier. Orders with express carriers will improve by providing a less expensive total landed cost for a shopper.