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Discover import countries Zonos supports for landed cost and shipping carriers that support Delivery Duty Paid (DDP).

Coverage for landed cost calculations 

Zonos supports landed cost calculations for 235 different countries and territories.

DDP coverage by carrier and country 

Shipping DDP means that all the necessary fees are paid before the shipment is sent. This will ensure that you and your customers won’t receive additional bills down the line to complete the delivery of the package.

The ability to send a shipment with DDP will differ based on the carrier and service levels you use.

Express carriersDDP supported countries
UPS Express, Saver, and Expedited174
DHL Express176
FedEx Priority and Economy132
Ground carriersDDP supported countries
FedEx International GroundCanada
UPS StandardCanada, Mexico
ConsolidatorsDDP supported countries
UPS Economy40
Point 2 Point Global39
DHL eCommerce35

DDP availability 

As the determination of DDP availability is specific to the country, carrier, and service level, giving customers the option to pay all necessary fees upon checkout is beneficial to your shoppers and to you as a retailer. Zonos Checkout is a good example of this. Checkout will retrieve a shipping quote to a destination along with the available service levels. The Landed Cost quote will be determined based on the carrier and service_level if DDP is available to the destination.


  "shipping": {
    "amount": 14.23,
    "service_level": "ups_express_saver"


  "customs": {
    "amount_shipping": 14.23,
    "delivery_duty_paid": "available",
    "items": [],
    "ship_to_country": "FR"

Disabling prepayment of duties and taxes 

Even if duties and taxes can be prepaid, you have the option of disabling the ability to prepay duties and taxes at the time of checkout. For example, UPS might offer DDP to Brazil, but as the retailer, you can choose to disable the option of prepaying the fees in your checkout process.

In the Landed Cost object, delivery_duty_paid = available signifies that a shopper can prepay duties and taxes. When this is changed to unavailable, then duties and taxes can be used as an estimate but cannot be prepaid because the carrier does not allow DDP. When it is changed to disabled, prepayment of duties and taxes will not be allowed at all. This is an option that can be configured at the service level.

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What are the benefits of offering DDP at checkout?

Your international customers can prepay duties and taxes at checkout so there is lower risk and more cost transparency. Packages that ship DDP will also clear customs faster. We recommend offering DDP at checkout to lower risk, increase cost transparency, and expedite the package’s customs clearance.

Why are some countries supported with DDP and others are not?

DDP offerings vary by country, carrier, and service level. In some cases a county or carrier my not offer DDP shipping.

What happens if DDP is not available?

If DDP is not available then duties and taxes can be used as an estimate but cannot be prepaid because the carrier does not allow DDP.