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Zonos Quoter 

Quoter allows your team to produce shipping, duty, and tax quotes directly from Zonos Dashboard.

Quoter is built using the public-facing Zonos APIs, including, Landed Cost, Classify, and Shipment Rating. Using Quoter is a great way to see how our APIs work, including the JSON response from the API. These APIs provide rich responses with details on all applicable duties and taxes.

Quoter access 

If you are a current paying Zonos customer, you will have access to Quoter inside our Dashboard. All users receive five free quotes. If you are signed up for Zonos Checkout, you will receive 25 free landed cost quotes per month. To receive pricing for additional quotes, please contact us at inquire@zonos.com.

To access Quoter, simply log in to Zonos Dashboard and click on Quoter in the left sidebar menu to create a custom quote.

Using Quoter 

There are two flows to using Quoter, 1) manual or 2) calculated. You can choose to manually enter the shipping amount yourself or have Zonos calculate the shipping for your selected shipping method.

Getting a manual quote 

The fastest way to get a landed cost quote is to choose, the manual method.

1. Destination

Select the destination country. Depending on the country, if a region is required you will be prompted to enter the region.

2. Item cost

After you select the destination, enter the entire value of the goods. If additional information on the goods is required, you will be prompted to enter the item details. If it is not required, you can receive a landed cost extremely quickly without having to enter an HS code or other item-level information outside the total value of the goods. For instance, when the value of the order is under a de minimis value or if the import country has a simplified duty calculation (e.g. Brazil) you can often get a landed cost quote without an HS code.

If you need to enter additional item details, you will be asked for the item description. When you enter the item description, Zonos Classify will assign an HS code to the item. You can change the code if you want.

Graphic that shows you how to add additional item details in Zonos Quoter.

3. Shipping cost

After entering the item cost, you may enter the shipping amount. In the majority of cases, customs wants to know how much you charged the buyer for shipping. This is important since depending on the destination country, taxes and often duties can be assessed on the shipping.

If you offer free shipping, we recommend not entering $0 shipping on the commercial invoice since customs may conclude you are trying to avoid paying taxes or duties.

The service level is recommended but not required. Each carrier and each carrier's service levels charge different fees. To get an accurate landed cost on a small package shipment you will likely need to select the carrier’s service level.

Getting a calculated quote 

If you are a more sophisticated user or if you would like Zonos to calculate the shipping as well as the duties and taxes the calculated method in the quoter is more advanced.

1. Destination

Select the destination country. Since shipping rates are often dependent on postal code or region, will be required to enter the region, city, and or postal code.

2. Items

Enter all the items with the descriptions and HS codes for the shipment. Zonos Classify will assign an HS code to the item. You can change the code if you want.

3. Boxes

Enter each package and its length, width, height and weight.

Available Quotes 

Depending on your shipping rates setup in Zonos, you will be presented with a list of quotes with your negotiated shipping rates as well as the import duties, taxes, and fees. You can select a specific quote to see more details on the import duties, taxes, and fees.

Advanced Options 

Inside the advanced options, you can change the currency as well as get quotes on goods that are for resale or get a DDU quote.

Next steps 

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How do I learn more about Quoter?

To find out more about Quoter, email inquire@zonos.com.