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Zonos Checkout for Miva

Follow the steps in this guide to integrate Checkout with your Miva store.


Create & configure a Zonos account

  1. Register for a Zonos Dashboard account.
  2. After registering, complete your Account setup.

Install the Checkout app from the Miva App Store

  1. Download the module.
  2. Log in to your Miva Merchant account, then click SettingsModules.
  3. Search for Zonos, then click Install next to the Zonos Integration Module.

Configure the Checkout app in Miva

Navigate to the Checkout app in Miva by going to Miva → SettingsSystem ExtensionsZonos.

  1. Enter your “Store ID” (Zonos account number), “API Key”, and “Site Key” (Hello site ID), each found in Zonos Dashboard → SettingsIntegrations.
    1. Our Miva Checkout app does not have a test mode. Once the Store ID, API Key, and Site Key have been added, Zonos will be live on your site. These credentials connect the settings in your Dashboard to your Miva website. We recommend that you install the app on a staging site first. If you do not have a staging site, add the three keys to your live site while testing, then remove the three keys until you are ready for Zonos to be live.
  2. Add your “Subdomain”. For teststore.com, you would enter the following in the subdomain field: teststore
  3. Select your “Image Type”. If you are unsure, keep “Main” to start.
  4. Adjust “Countries” to reflect which country is domestic for you.
  5. Add your email address to “Notify on order status error” to inform you if there are order status errors.
  6. Map any additional fields that you would like. We recommend mapping “HS code” if you have set product-specific HS codes in your Miva product listings. This is not required to produce a duty and tax quote since we can use product-specific HS codes you have entered into Catalog or use your default HS code. However, it is recommended; the accuracy of landed cost calculations will greatly increase with correctly classified products.
  7. Click Update in the top right.

Test your integration

Now that you have set up your account and your app, you are ready to test by doing the following:

  • Test shipping quotes
  • Place a test order on your site
  • Test order flow through your systems
  • Test your website

Learn how to run these tests. You will need to enable the Miva app while testing. To do so, add your store credentials to the app in Miva.

After completing testing, you are now ready to go live! To do so, add your Zonos credentials to your Miva Checkout app in your live store.