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Restrict items


Restrict items with Hello

Learn how to use Hello to check for restricted items during the shopping process.

Depending on where your shoppers are located and trying to ship to, there may be situations where items they are trying to purchase are restricted. Zonos Hello checks for item restrictions automatically during the shopping process using Zonos Restrict under the hood, and can notify shoppers of any restrictions before even adding an item to their cart. This helps avoid headaches and surprises for both you and your international shoppers, and can help you avoid any potential issues with customs.

How Hello checks for restrictions 

By default, Hello will check for restrictions for all items being viewed by your international shoppers. If any items are restricted, prohibited, or have special notices associated with them, Hello will display a warning to the shopper and prevent them from adding the item to their cart. You can customize this behavior to instead show a warning but allow items to be added to a cart, or you can bypass restriction checking entirely. Restrictions are checked based on the shopper's IP address location.

Warn and prevent
Warn and allow
Do nothing


Configuring restrictions in Hello 

You can customize how Hello checks for restricted items in Dashboard:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Settings.
  2. Under the Hello section, click Restrictions.
  3. Under Restriction behavior select either Warn and allow, Warn and prevent, or Do nothing.
  4. Click Save.