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Estimate duty tax


Show duty and tax estimates to your international shoppers

Learn how to use Hello to show your shoppers quick duty and tax estimates before checkout.

Zonos Hello can help prevent sticker shock with international shoppers by showing estimates of the duty and tax they'll pay before checkout. This helps shoppers make informed decisions about their purchases and can help you increase your conversion rate. As shoppers navigate your site, they'll see Hello inform them of the duty and tax they'll pay on the items they are looking at. Remember that these are only rough estimates - giving a completely accurate duty and tax quote before checkout is impossible due to the many variables involved.


See it in action 

Configuring duty and tax estimates 

Hello's duty and tax estimates are turned on by default. To change this behavior:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Settings.
  2. Under the Hello section, click Estimates
  3. Toggle the Show duty and tax estimates switch to Off.
  4. Click Save.