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Custom shipping policy


Generate a shipping policy

Learn how to use Hello to generate and display an international shipping policy.

You can use Zonos Hello to easily generate an international shipping policy that lives within Hello and Checkout and automatically update based on what capabilities your international store has set up with Zonos. Shipping policies generated with Hello are automatically translated into all languages you have enabled on your store.

By using a dynamic shipping policy generated by Hello, you can remove the guesswork involved in creating an accurate shipping policy and provide your international shoppers with a high quality shopping experience without surprises. Your international shipping policy is only one of several store policies that Zonos supports displaying across Checkout and Hello.


What displays in your shipping policy 

Your shipping policy will display the following information:

  • The name of your store and where it is located
  • Which countries you ship to
  • Which shipping methods you offer
  • Whether you accept returns or not
  • Whether DDP is available or not
  • Indicate that Zonos is gauranteeing the duty and tax amounts
  • Show transit times per service level

Configuring your shipping policy 

If you use a dynamic shipping policy generated by Hello, it will be automatically configured based on the settings you have associated on your organization with Zonos. For example, if you update your enabled shipping methods, the language of the shipping policy will be automatically updated.