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International payments


International payments

Learn how to use Zonos Payments with Checkout to process international payments 

Zonos Payments can support the processing of international payments in 142 different currencies.

Zonos matches Stripe credit card and debit card fees. Stripe’s pricing is 2.9% + 0.30 USD (+1% for international cards). Most orders with Zonos are paid with non-US, international card. The effective percentage charged is the same as using Stripe directly (3.9% for international credit card).

Fee amountTransaction type
0.30 USDPrice per transaction
2.9%US credit card
3.9%International credit card
25 USDChargebacks

Benefits of using Zonos Payments

Local currency

A key reason for cross-border cart abandonment is the inability to pay in the customer’s local currency. The customer disadvantages of this include:

  • Extra costs upward of 5% or more in currency markups and credit card fees.
  • Due to currency fluctuations, customers can lose money on full refunds, e.g. returns or cancellations.
  • Customers do not love surprises.

Next steps

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What if I want to use my own payment processor with Checkout?

This option is not available with Checkout, but you can tie into our Landed Cost API. If you are using Magento 2, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or Shopify, our Duty & Tax plugin is also available for integration. Please reach out to us directly for more information.