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View shopper carts in Dashboard

Learn how to view historical, live, and abandoned cart details in Dashboard.

Sometimes you need to view a shopper's cart details to help them complete their purchase. Dashboard makes it easy to view a shopper's cart details, including the cart's contents, the shopper's contact information, and the cart's status.

See all carts 

To view a list of all historical, live, or abandoned carts in Dashboard:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Carts.
  2. Click on All carts in the left sidebar.

From this view, you can select a cart to view its details or filter the list of carts by status. Possible cart statuses are:

  • Live - carts that are currently in the checkout process
  • Abandoned - carts that the shopper has abandoned
  • Order placed - carts that have converted to orders
  • Recovered - abandoned carts that were successfully recovered and converted to orders


View cart details 

Once you select a cart from the All carts list, you'll be taken to the cart details page. Here you can view the cart's contents, the shopper's contact information, and the cart's status. You can also quickly copy a link to the cart if you need to share it.


Behavior for EU shoppers 

Due to GDPR in the EU, we cannot display certain personally identifiable information (PII) for shoppers in the EU in our carts view until an order has been placed. This includes the shopper's name, email address, and phone number.

When you view a cart from a shopper in the EU, these fields will be indicated by blurred text where the PII would usually be displayed. Other functions, such as viewing the country, cart total, or cart ID, or copying the cart link are still available.

For additional context on how we handle GDPR, see our privacy policy and our guide on GDPR.