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Manage international fraud

Fraud protection with Checkout 

One of the biggest mistakes online retailers make when addressing fraud is using broad strokes to eliminate potential fraudsters from placing orders on their store website.

Examples of this include:

  • Blocking all Indonesian IP addresses from hitting your site
  • Requiring customers to wire money to pay for their order

The major issue with this approach is it prevents many legitimate buyers from completing orders, resulting in a major hit on your conversion and top-line revenue. Zonos provides fraud coverage with our Zonos Checkout product to target, identify, and block individual fraudsters as opposed to broad-stroke changes that may affect your legitimate buyers. With its wide variety of nuances, international fraud can be harder to identify than domestic fraud.

These nuances may include:

  • Billing to a foreign address
  • Shipping within the United States
  • Higher order values
  • Higher quantities of a single item

Circumstances like these may sound alarming, but in many cases, shouldn’t. International buyers generally order more to justify the higher shipping costs and frequently ship to freight forwarders within the US.

Zonos offers fraud coverage with Checkout to provide fraud screening and mitigate risks from fraudulent chargebacks so that unauthorized chargebacks will never hit your account. Zonos Fraud Coverage is automatically included with Checkout. Orders will get automatically approved or denied at the time of transaction.

Zonos handles the chargebacks directly so you do not have to. Each chargeback incurs a $25 fee which is assessed once the claim is paid.

Fraud screening variables 

Zonos takes a look at the following list of variables when determining whether an order is acceptable and if additional screening is necessary.

  • Quantities of individual items
  • Type and value of individual items
  • Total order value
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Shopper’s IP address
  • All lowercase text within form fields
  • Previous fraud orders associated with any of the customer’s data
  • Number of payment attempts
  • Number of different payment method attempts
  • Bank BIN
  • AVS Codes
  • 3-D Secure codes