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Enabling domestic ship-to addresses

Learn why you may want to allow Zonos to process domestic orders on your site.

By default, Zonos Checkout only allows orders that are shipped and billed internationally. If you want to allow domestic orders, you can enable domestic orders in your Checkout settings. Enabling domestic orders on Checkout allows any shoppers who arrive at Checkout to place an order, regardless of their location.

You might want to allow domestic orders if:

  • You have shoppers who want to ship to a different address than their billing address, for example if they want to send a gift to a friend or family member or are placing an order while on vacation
  • You have shoppers who live near the borders between countries who are used to shopping in both countries to get the best deal
  • You want to avoid turning away customers who accidentally arrive at your international checkout page
  • Your shoppers like to purchase with consolidators, such as "get a US address" type services

When you use Checkout to process domestic orders, your existing shipping rates will be pulled from your ecommerce platform. Allowing Checkout to process domestic orders doesn't replace your existing domestic checkout flow; it just adds another option for shoppers. Domestic orders will sync between Zonos and your ecommerce platform as normal when using this feature.

If you are wanting to use Checkout for all orders, both international and domestic, you can learn more about entirely replacing your checkout flow with Zonos.

What counts as domestic 

Zonos considers an order placed by a shopper shipping and billing to an address in the same country as your business as domestic. Additionally, country groups are considered domestic. For example, intra-EU shipments are considered domestic because the import/export rules are standardized across the entire EU and aren't applied at an individual EU country level. Enabling domestic orders on Checkout will allow you to handle these situations, and can be a good option depending on where your shoppers are located.

Enabling domestic orders 

To configure whether domestic orders are allowed in Checkout:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Settings.
  2. Under the Checkout section, click Settings.
  3. In the Domestic orders section, toggle the Allow domestic orders checkbox.
  4. Click Save.