Zonos Checkout supports translation from English into 18 different languages. Both translation and localization can give a boost to orders by providing the customer the confidence to complete their purchase.

Support for translation is presented to the consumer at the following stages of the buying process.

Supported languages

Language Native ISO 639-1
Spanish Español es
Portuguese Português pt
Russian русский ru
Danish dansk da
Italian Italiano it
Polish Polskie pl
Arabic عربى ar
German Deutsche de
Japanese 日本語 ja
Norwegian norsk no
Turkish Türk tr
Hebrew עִברִית he
French Français fr
Dutch Nederlands nl
Chinese (Simplified) 中文 zh
Swedish svenska sv
Indonesian bahasa Indonesia id
Korean 한국어 ko
Klingon (optional) plqaD  


On average 37% of cross-border transactions in Zonos™ checkouts are completed in a foreign language. 152 countries primary language is represented by the Zonos translation list of 18 languages. 95.6% of all orders processed by Zonos ship to a country with a primary language supported by Zonos translation. Also of interest, French ranks as the top language for completed eCommerce orders of our customers. French is top the list due to the fact Canada is a major destination in cross-border eCommerce, and 22% of Canadian’s primary language is French.

Supports 152 Countries Native Languages

The list of countries and languages below the primary language supported to that country. For example, in Egypt the most commonly spoken language is Arabic (العربية) however English is also widely spoken. Egypt will show Arabic (العربية) since Arabic is a supported language by Zonos. Whenever Zonos does not support the primary language to a country, English is listed as the represented language. As an example of this, we do not yet support a Hindi translation, so India shows English as the supported language for that country with Zonos.

Flag Country Zonos Supported Language
Algeria Algeria Arabic (العربية)
American Samoa American Samoa English (English)
Angola Angola Portuguese (Português)
Anguilla Anguilla English (English)
Antigua & Barbuda Antigua & Barbuda English (English)
Argentina Argentina Spanish (Español)
Aruba Aruba Dutch (Nederlands)
Australia Australia English (English)
Austria Austria German (Deutsch)
Bahamas Bahamas English (English)
Bahrain Bahrain Arabic (العربية)
Barbados Barbados English (English)
Belgium Belgium Dutch (Nederlands)
Belize Belize English (English)
Benin Benin French (Français)
Bermuda Bermuda English (English)
Bolivia Bolivia Spanish (Español)
Bonaire, St.Eustatius & Saba Bonaire, St.Eustatius & Saba Dutch (Nederlands)
Botswana Botswana English (English)
Brazil Brazil Portuguese (Português)
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso French (Français)
Burundi Burundi French (Français)
Cameroon Cameroon English (English)
Canada Canada English (English)
Canary Island, Spain Canary Island, Spain Spanish (Español)
Cape Verde Cape Verde Portuguese (Português)
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands English (English)
Central African Republic Central African Republic French (Français)
Chad Chad French (Français)
Chile Chile Spanish (Español)
China, People's Republic of China, People’s Republic of Chinese (中文)
Colombia Colombia Spanish (Español)
Comoros Comoros Arabic (العربية)
Congo Congo French (Français)
Cook Islands Cook Islands English (English)
Costa Rica Costa Rica Spanish (Español)
Curaçao Curaçao Dutch (Nederlands)
Denmark Denmark Danish (Dansk)
Djibouti Djibouti French (Français)
Dominica Dominica English (English)
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Spanish (Español)
Ecuador Ecuador Spanish (Español)
Egypt Egypt Arabic (العربية)
El Salvador El Salvador Spanish (Español)
Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea Spanish (Español)
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Falkland Islands (Malvinas) English (English)
Fiji Fiji English (English)
France France French (Français)
French Guiana French Guiana French (Français)
French Polynesia (Tahiti) French Polynesia (Tahiti) French (Français)
Gabon Gabon French (Français)
Gambia Gambia English (English)
Germany Germany German (Deutsch)
Ghana Ghana English (English)
Gibraltar Gibraltar English (English)
Grenada Grenada English (English)
Guadeloupe Guadeloupe French (Français)
Guam Guam English (English)
Guatemala Guatemala Spanish (Español)
Guernsey Guernsey English (English)
Guinea Guinea French (Français)
Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau Portuguese (Português)
Guyana Guyana English (English)
Honduras Honduras Spanish (Español)
Hong Kong Hong Kong Chinese (中文)
India India English (English)
Indonesia Indonesia Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
Ireland Ireland English (English)
Israel Israel Hebrew (עברית)
Italy Italy Italian (Italiano)
Ivory Coast Ivory Coast French (Français)
Jamaica Jamaica English (English)
Japan Japan Japanese (日本語)
Jersey Jersey English (English)
Jordan Jordan Arabic (العربية)
Kenya Kenya English (English)
Kiribati Kiribati English (English)
Korea, The Republic of Korea, The Republic of Korean (한국어)
Kuwait Kuwait Arabic (العربية)
Lesotho Lesotho English (English)
Liberia Liberia English (English)
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein German (Deutsch)
Macau Macau Chinese (中文)
Madagascar Madagascar French (Français)
Mali Mali French (Français)
Martinique Martinique French (Français)
Mauritania Mauritania Arabic (العربية)
Mauritius Mauritius English (English)
Mayotte Mayotte French (Français)
Mexico Mexico Spanish (Español)
Micronesia, Federated States of Micronesia, Federated States of English (English)
Monaco Monaco French (Français)
Montserrat Montserrat English (English)
Morocco Morocco Arabic (العربية)
Mozambique Mozambique Portuguese (Português)
Namibia Namibia English (English)
Netherlands (Holland) Netherlands (Holland) Dutch (Nederlands)
New Caledonia New Caledonia French (Français)
New Zealand New Zealand English (English)
Nicaragua Nicaragua Spanish (Español)
Niger Niger French (Français)
Nigeria Nigeria English (English)
Norfolk Island Norfolk Island English (English)
Norway Norway Norwegian (Norsk (bokmål / riksmål))
Oman Oman Arabic (العربية)
Panama Panama Spanish (Español)
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea English (English)
Paraguay Paraguay Spanish (Español)
Peru Peru Spanish (Español)
Poland Poland Polish (Polski)
Portugal Portugal Portuguese (Português)
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Spanish (Español)
Qatar Qatar Arabic (العربية)
Reunion Reunion French (Français)
Russia Russia Russian (Русский)
San Marino San Marino Italian (Italiano)
Sao Tome & Principe Sao Tome & Principe Portuguese (Português)
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Arabic (العربية)
Senegal Senegal French (Français)
Seychelles Seychelles English (English)
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone English (English)
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands English (English)
South Sudan South Sudan English (English)
Spain Spain Spanish (Español)
St. Barthelemy St. Barthelemy French (Français)
St. Kitts and Nevis St. Kitts and Nevis English (English)
St. Lucia St. Lucia English (English)
St. Maarten St. Maarten French (Français)
St. Vincent St. Vincent English (English)
Sudan Sudan Arabic (العربية)
Suriname Suriname Dutch (Nederlands)
Swaziland Swaziland English (English)
Sweden Sweden Swedish (Svenska)
Switzerland Switzerland German (Deutsch)
Taiwan Taiwan Chinese (中文)
Togo Togo French (Français)
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago English (English)
Tunisia Tunisia Arabic (العربية)
Turkey Turkey Turkish (Türkçe)
Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands English (English)
Uganda Uganda English (English)
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Arabic (العربية)
United Kingdom United Kingdom English (English)
United States United States English (English)
Uruguay Uruguay Spanish (Español)
Vatican City Vatican City Italian (Italiano)
Venezuela Venezuela Spanish (Español)
Virgin Islands (British) Virgin Islands (British) English (English)
Virgin Islands (U.S.) Virgin Islands (U.S.) English (English)
Yemen Yemen Arabic (العربية)
Zambia Zambia English (English)
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe English (English)

Understanding translation

With Zonos Checkout, determining a translated session is based on the detection of the shoppers defaulted browser language. Once the shopper’s language preference is determined, the checkout is automatically presented in their language without the need to select it manually. Otherwise, a manual drop-down selection is available at the top right-hand corner of the checkout. Both Hebrew (עברית) and Arabic (العربية) read right to left, so the Shipping address, Shipping options, and Payment sections are reversed.

Translation drop-down

Note: English brands and or trademarked names are not translated inside of the checkout. For example on the UPS France website, UPS Worldwide Express Saver is presented with the English representation of the service level and is not translated into French.

Tips and Tricks

You can add a URL parameter to any tempcart to default the checkout to a specific language. Just add language ISO code in lowercase letters. Here is an example for defaulting to Portuguese &languageCode=pt

Zonos Recommends

Ask about translating any custom text for your website. Currently, the Zonos Checkout only supports a universal translation for labels, buttons, inputs and other commonly used phrases. Any custom requests for translation inside of your checkout can be added for a $15 per request + $0.10 / word and language. Please contact support for more details.