Third-party gateways

Zonos Checkout supports the integration of multiple third-party payment gateways.

Supported third-party gateways

If you are not using Zonos™ Payments, the below third-party payment gateways and processors are supported.

Authorize vs. capture

The default setting is to capture payment at time of sale, because currency fluctuations for international orders may occur from when you quote the order to the time you capture it. Optionally, you can set payment on orders to “authorize only”.

If you authorize and do not capture at time of sale, it is your responsibility to capture your payment manually either through your payment gateway or another automated process on your end. Make sure you are aware of the authorization period offered by your processor.

If you are using Zonos fraud decoder or fraud coverage, an order placed on fraud hold will keep the funds in an authorized state until approved.

Zonos recommends:

Wait to ship any orders on fraud hold until the order is approved and payment has been captured.

For custom integrations that need the transactionId from your processor, you can retrieve via an API call to the Zonos Checkout Order Response API. Typical uses for this are post order capture processes (e.g., capture payment at time of shipment) as well as reconciling payments.

Below are all the details available via an API call.

Message format: JSON

Example request:

  "grandTotal": 636.27,
  "grandTotalForeign": 636.27,
  "paymentProcessing": {
      "paymentProcessor": "STRIPE",
      "transactionId": "dd_11dDdDDDdd11dddddD1Ddd1",
      "transactionType": "AUTH_CAPTURE",
      "captureDate": 1458081402000,
      "captureDateString": "Tue Mar 15 16:36:42 MDT 2016",
      "cardType": "VISA",
      "lastFour": "9999"

Refunds and cancellations

An order cancellation will trigger a full refund of the original order to the customer. You can achieve a full refund with the following methods:

An alternative to the options above is to cancel the order by using the Zonos Order Update API as shown below.

Message format: JSON

Example request:

  "store": "999",
  "secret": "f5bde245-f55e-414d-b722-80b25161c12c",
  "orderId": "999-9999",

Local currency

Zonos supports capturing payment in the local currency for the gateways and processors below. There may be an additional cost to enable this feature; please refer to our pricing or contact us.

Gateway Presentment Currency
Stripe 135 currencies
PayPal 24 currencies
Payflow Pro 22 currencies
Cybersource 137 currencies
GoInterpay 100 currencies