Zonos™ Service-Level Agreement

For Merchants under contract agreements longer than one month with Zonos products, Zonos will maintain and guarantee a monthly uptime percentage equal to 99.9%. Uptime refers to the ability of the subscriber to receive results from any API call hosted by Zonos.

Zonos guarantees that the 95th percentile of requests will be within one (1) second. If the percentile response time exceeds the guaranteed amount, Zonos will provide a credit equal to the amount of the percent overage, multipled by 100 as a percent.

For example, if the average over the month is 1.21 seconds, that is 0.21 seconds over the guarantee and would equal a credit of 21% to the merchant.

The total amount of credits is not to exceed 50% of the monthly API charges.

For Merchants that are on a month-to-month agreement or do not have a contract defining length of service…

Zonos will make an honest effort to provide service to our merchants with 100% uptime. There will be times where Zonos may experience an outage, after all we are only human. Since many of our Merchants are under no obligation to continue interacting with us, we promise that as long as you are a Zonos customer, we will do our best to meet your expectations. If you feel at any time that we’re not meeting the needs of your company, we are happy to discuss ways we can improve to meet those needs and help you achieve success with us. Zonos will constantly strive to provide the best performance and highest uptime possible.

For a record of our uptime, please visit: https://status.zonos.com.