Zonos Payments

Zonos™ Payments can support the processing of global payments in 132 different currencies. Payments are captured in the local currency with a guaranteed USD payout, and local payments are also offered.

Pricing for Zonos Payments

We match Stripe credit/debit card fees as well as PayPal Express checkout. Stripe’s pricing is 2.9% + 30¢ (+1% for international cards). PayPal’s pricing is 2.9% + 30¢ (+1.5% for international cards).

Most of the orders with Zonos are paid with non-US, international cards. The effective percentage you would be charged is the same as if you were using PayPal or Stripe directly (3.9% CC, 4.4% PayPal).

Transaction Type Fee
Price Per Transaction $0.30
US Credit Card 2.9%
International Credit Card 3.9%
US PayPal Checkout 2.9%
International PayPal Checkout 4.4%
Chargebacks $25

Local currency

Increase your conversion and give your customers the ability to shop and pay in their own currency. A key reason for cross-border cart abandonment is the inability to pay in the customer’s local currency.

Disadvantages to the customer when capturing payment in USD