Google Analytics

Zonos Checkout™ supports Google Analytics cross-domain tracking, which means you can follow customers from your website to your Zonos Checkout.

Decoding Google Analytics

To enable analytics tracking for your store, you will need follow the steps below.

Modify the tracking code.

To set up cross-domain tracking for multiple top-level domains, you must alter the Analytics tracking code for each domain.

You will need basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript or work with a developer to set up cross-domain tracking.

The examples in this article use the Universal Analytics tracking code snippet - (analytics.js).

Set up a property in your Analytics account.

For cross-domain tracking, set up one property in your Analytics account. Use the same tracking code snippet and tracking ID from that property for all your domains.

You need to edit the tracking code snippet for cross-domain tracking to work.

If you haven’t already included the snippet on all your web pages, you may want to copy and paste it into a text editor before continuing with these instructions. This way, you only have to make the changes once before including the modified snippet on all your web pages.

Edit the tracking code for the primary domain, then find the create line in the snippet.

For a website called, it looks like this:

ga('create', 'UA-XXXXXXX-Y', '');

Make the following changes to the snippet (the changes you need to make are in bold red text):

ga('create', 'UA-XXXXXXX-Y', 'auto', {'allowLinker': true});
ga('require', 'linker');
ga('linker:autoLink', [''] );

Remember to replace the example tracking ID (UA-XXXXXX-Y) with your actual tracking ID, and replace the example secondary domain ( with your actual secondary domain name.