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Decoding Cross-Border Compliance

Zonos Checkoutâ„¢ CSL Management

Zonos Checkout and Zonos API checks every order against the Consolidated Screening List (CSL).

The United States Government maintains restrictions on certain exports where the receiving party may be strictly prohibited to sell to, or where licenses could be required to export to specific individuals. All eleven lists are scrubbed and flagged by Zonos, letting you know if you need to review a buyer. Although legitimate hits are rare - it has happened, and Zonos will notify you of any possible match. In eCommerce, the Denied Person List is the most recognized component of your cross-border strategy. However, reviewing all lists on the CSL are required.

Department of Commerce

Department of State

Department of Treasury

There are two methods to be notified of a possible match on the CSL.

1. Email Notification

The order is flagged when a possible match is found, and you will receive an email with further instructions. Below is an example of the email notification.

Email Subject Line: Consolidated Screening List possible match on order [number]

This order has been flagged as having a possible match to a name, alternate name, or address on the Consolidated Screening List, which is a list of parties for which the United States Government maintains restrictions on certain exports, re-exports or transfers of items. Shipment of this order may be restricted or banned. View the order in Zonos.

if a company, entity or person on the list appears to match a party potentially involved in your export transaction, additional due diligence should be conducted before proceeding. There may be a strict export prohibition, requirement for seeking a license application, and evaluation of the end-use or user to ensure it does not result in an activity prohibited by any U.S. export regulations, or other restriction. Prior to taking further action, the user must check the official publication of restricted parties in the Federal Register or the official lists of restricted parties maintained on the web sites of the Departments of Commerce, State and the Treasury to ensure full compliance with all the terms and conditions of the restrictions placed on the parties on this list. For more information, you may refer to the CSL section of

2. API Response

The Zonos Checkout Order API also responds with possible matches. Below is an example response of a person on the Denied Persons List.

  "name": "ALI ALHAY",
    "countryCode": "IQ",
    "countryName": "Iraq",
    "address1": "Home 46, Al-Karrada",
    "address2": "District 929, St 21 ",
    "city": "AL-Karrada",
    "state": "Babil Region",
    "cslListMatch": "match"