GeoIP Welcome Mat

Directing your international users to the Zonos Checkout™ is automated with the on-site welcome mat.

What is the Welcome Mat?

The Welcome Mat provides a simple pop-up modal for the first time arrival of an international customer to see localized messaging, select their country, mention your shipping policies, and seamlessly transition them to the global checkout. The Welcome Mat allows you to increase conversion and keep more international customers on your website after first arriving.

Getting Started

Zonos Welcome Mat is simple to integrate, we provide you with two files, and all you have to do is add them to a proper location and add the following code to the <head></head> section of your site. Make sure to change the file location if you choose to put it anywhere other than /js/Zonos.

Below is the javascript.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/Zonos/ig_welcome_mat.js"></script>

Below is the stylesheet.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/js/Zonos/ig_welcome_mat.css">

The Welcome Mat is included with the Zonos Checkout and preconfigured to work with our plugins. It’s lightweight and won’t affect the speed of your site one bit.

Flag Selection

The flag shown on your website via the Welcome Mat will trigger the Zonos Checkout. The selected flag drives the customer’s shopping and checkout experience. The Welcome Mat uses GeoIP to prompt the Welcome Mat and pre-select the shopper’s country. GeoIP is a method of locating a computer terminal’s geographic location by identifying that terminal’s IP address, which means based on the user’s IP, we know what country they are from, and instantly recognize that when they hit your website. IP recognition allows for a seamless shopping experience and no confusion for international customers.

Selecting the US flag will allow the user to use your US checkout, but if any other country is selected, it will trigger the international Zonos checkout. Only GeoIP detected international customers would get the Welcome Mat modal when they arrive on your website. The Welcome Mat modal does not appear to US visitors; they will only see the US flag.

Maximizing the Welcome Mat

What does the welcome mat look like and what can you do with it? Check out our demo and read about how to maximize the welcome mat for more sales internationally.

Click the flag below to see a demo of the welcome mat.



You can add your own custom messaging or links here.

Select your country

United States
change country

You can add your own custom messaging or links here.

  • Egypt
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
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  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Custom Messaging per Country

Have a list of countries that you can’t ship to? Or maybe item restrictions you want to mention? The welcome mat can be modified to recognize users from that country and give them a specific message just for them. Utilize this feature to convert more international customers into sales or display a link directly to your shipping policy, so they don’t have to hunt for it. Also, the Welcome Mat does support translation, and a few of the more popular countries are translated, providing your customers a catered experience.


You can display promotions directly on the welcome mat and get your international customers hooked! Did you know that Brazil celebrates Valentine’s Day on June 12th? Valentine’s Day is a highly celebrated holiday for Brazilians so take advantage of the welcome mat and add a special Valentine’s promotion for Brazilians when they are celebrating it. To earn more conversions internationally, learn more about your audience and what holidays they celebrate and when.

Setting expectations

Because the welcome mat is the first thing your international customers will see, you can immediately give them useful information that will eliminate frustration and make them comfortable shopping on your site.

Take the time to add a link to your shipping policies and carriers and do your best to cater it per country to gain trust and increase conversions. Being upfront with policies will make the international shopping experience on your website seem like a dream. Customers don’t need to spend their time fishing around for global shipping information.

Google’s Mobile Pop-up Policy

We adhere to Google’s mobile interstitial guidelines by:

The welcome mat will not affect your search engine rankings in any way. We make sure to take care of you and keep up with SEO standards.

Positioning Tips

Position the flag in a spot that is noticeable to your customers should they need to change it. A common area is the upper right side of your website where you regularly see the cart or login buttons. If you feel there isn’t enough room at the top of your site, the footer is a solid place to add the flag as well, but it is less noticeable and could make it hard to find for your customers.

Zonos Recommends

Any changes to your site could affect the welcome mat’s functionality or the positioning of the flag. Test, test, and test again.

Pretend like you are a customer. Click on the flag, swap it with another country, add some items to your cart, and go to checkout. Make sure everything is seamless.