Custom Rules

Did you ever wish your shopping cart platform could let you create unique rules for special circumstances?

With Zonos, our custom rules engine gives you full control over the different situations that arise when selling cross border, e.g. restricting items to individual countries, limiting items purchased per order, or adding a shipping buffer to the shipping cost for specific countries.

Decoding custom rules

Zonos’ rules engine can help you customize your cross-border checkout based on your individual store’s needs.

Below are some possible scenarios for the most commonly used rules along with real-world examples.


Are there items you can’t import into a specific country? No problem!

With Zonos’ rule engine, you can create custom rules for your store that will restrict by item, country, even province or states, or any combination of what’s listed. We also allow you to set up restrictions on shipping types.

For example, if you have a product that can only be shipped to Canada via UPS Worldwide Expedited, Zonos can turn off all other shipping options when that item is in the cart and Canada is selected as the ship-to country.

Add to shipping costs for specific regions/countries

Sometimes, shipping to a specific country may cost you more than you expected due to theft, lost packages, etc. Zonos’ rules engine can be used to add a buffer to the shipping charged to specific countries to keep shipping viable for those countries.

Another possible option is to turn off non-trackable methods.

Special shipping circumstances

You may want to offer free or discounted shipping to a specific country with a custom rule.

Here are just a few examples of how you can customize your transportation rates:


There are times when you may need to restrict an entire category of items for your store’s website. Zonos can do this for you by using your platform’s category system or by adding a rule that restricts keywords from your checkout.

For example, you can restrict any items containing lithium, are made of leather, or for an entire category of motorcycle oils.

Adjust duty & tax

A buffer can be added to your duty & tax quote. This protects you from unexpected costs and helps cover the cost of lost or stolen packages.

Tiered shipping

Zonos currently does not have a way to set up tiered shipping within our checkout platform, but it can be set up with our custom rules engine.

Purchase orders

You can turn on the option to use purchase orders in your checkout based on a customer’s email, address, etc.

Custom messaging

Add custom messages to your checkout based on country, items, etc.

Flat rate shipping

Add a flat rate shipping cost based on country or order total.

Turn shipping profiles OFF/ON, depending on

If you sell an item like a car bumper but need to offer a specific shipping method like LTL to Canada, a custom rule can cover that.

Real-world examples

  • A wine seller that can only ship a specific wine to select Canadian provinces and with only one UPS service level can use a custom rule to meet this need. If these items are in the cart and not allowed for import to that province, Zonos will remove the restricted item and message the shopper accordingly. If the destination is allowed, but UPS will only ship wine “UPS Expedited” to Canada, then the “UPS Expedited” service level will be the exclusive shipping method at checkout.
  • A merchant has set up a custom rule that if items are a certain brand, duty will be charged when sold into Canada. This is because this brand’s items are not made in the US, Canada, or Mexico (i.e. these items are exempt from NAFTA).

Zonos Checkout experience

In many instances, adding custom rules will not affect your customer’s experience at all. If there is a restricted item, the customer will see a message, letting them know the product has been removed from their cart due to their country or region’s import restriction.

Zonos Custom Rules Restrictions

Getting set up

If you need your checkout to do something you can’t set up by yourself within the Zonos Checkout, you will most likely need a custom rule. To set a custom rule for your checkout, please reach out to your Zonos account representative.