A/B Testing

Decoding A/B testing

Zonos Checkout supports critical A/B tests that can help you optimize your conversion and give you a clear understanding of the consequences to only focusing on conversion.

Test 1: When to display the shipping quote

By default, Zonos Checkout will quote the shipping rate after the address fields are completed. Although only about 50% of customers will enter their information, and the other half of customers will bail on the shopping cart before even getting their quote.

This variant test will show what converts better, quoting before or after they enter their shipping address. We typically see a higher conversion when customers insert their information; however, depending on the promotions you run or products you sell, you may want to see how customers respond to this A/B test.

Important: International (out of area) fees, or any other fees associated with a specific address. are not calculated on this variant. Not calculating these fees will usually have the most impact on services like UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

Test 2: How to suggest payment of landed cost

If you give customers the option to pay their duties and taxes by service level, this test will determine whether or not customers prefer to be prompted to pay their duties and taxes. For example, FedEx Priority will allow you to bill duties & taxes to the shipper or let the receiver pay it upon delivery. If you let the international shopper have the same choice, which radio button will you have selected by default: “pay now” or “pay later”?

If the selection is “pay now,” the cart total could be 15-30% higher, because you will show product + shipping + landed cost. If you default the selection to pay later, the cart total will appear lower when first getting the quote. We typically see a great conversion rate when you suggest payment at checkout.

Important: If you use a service level that does not give you an option to ship DDP or DDU, this A/B test will not run at those service levels.

Test 3: Offering landed cost

Offering and displaying a landed cost can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, the customer experience is transparent and all fees and additional charges are disclosed. On the other hand, all fees and costs can appear to be more expensive than anticipated. If done correctly with waived DDP fees or waived advancement fees, you can see an uptick in conversion. If no fees are waived, the order conversion rate could go down by informing the customer how much duty & tax can be.

Repeat customers do not like surprises, and we believe offering a landed cost is key to scaling and having a long-term success strategy to international sales. This A/B test can provide crucial insights, especially soon after going live and giving your customer a landed cost for the first time.

Important: This does not turn off landed cost for any service level that forces landed cost. It only applies to the landed cost profile that has optional landed cost.

Additional tests

Zonos can offer custom A/B tests upon request. Please contact our Customer Success team for a quote.


Currently, all reporting for variant test results are available upon request.