Welcome Mat

The Zonos welcome mat provides a straightforward and elegant modal for international customers. The functionality allows users to select their country, display your shipping policies, and seamlessly transition them to the global checkout. Learn more about how the Zonos GeoIP Welcome Mat can help cross-border strategy in our features section.

Welcome Mat Contents

The welcome mat utilizes a javascript (.js) file, a stylesheet (.css) and a few images. The images are set, by default, to be called from Zonos secure server. You can, however, choose to host them yourself.

The Welcome Mat File


The welcome mat uses a straightforward javascript (.js) file. The javascript file calls on iGlobal’s IP recognition service and creates the HTML, CSS, and Javascript used for the modal window. The script should be placed in the <footer> of each page on your website. Installing and Customizing the Welcome Mat

Example script

<script src="https://cdn.iglobalstores.com/js/welcome_mat/123.js"></script>

Testing the Welcome Mat

To test as an international visitor, add the following query string to the end of any URL where the welcome mat is installed: ?igCountry=BR (this will show Brazil’s welcome mat).

Question: How will the Welcome Mat affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Answer: The Welcome Mat shows up as a regular <div> in your code and is easily crawlable by search engines. The dynamic content of the modal should help with international SEO and will enable you to further customize content on your sites for specific countries or regions, thereby improving your page’s optimization.

Question: Is the Welcome Mat dynamic? How will it look on tablets and phones?

Answer: The Welcome Mat is responsive. The CSS for the Welcome Mat includes a media query that helps it fit on a phone’s width. The default width fits nicely already on tablets. Of course, you can customize the CSS to your liking as well.