Merchant Integration - Usage Policies

Merchant Integration - Usage Policies Zonos provides a few technologies / tools to integrate merchants with the Zonos international e-commerce platform. These technologies / tools will be referred to as Zonos Services. Zonos Services include but are not limited to the following:

Integration JavaScript Files Zonos provides hosted JavaScript files to merchants for a few purposes:

Easing the development required by merchants to pass their international customers to the iGlobal hosted checkout. Welcoming international visitors to the merchant’s website, with the intent to increase international sales conversion. International consumer analytics, and reporting. Temp Cart Service Zonos provides the Temp Cart Service, and additional ice.jsp service, for the purpose of transmitting customer data to the Zonos servers from the merchant’s server, over an HTTPS secured channel. This allows merchants to send customers to the Zonos hosted checkout without the use of Integration JavaScript Files.

Orders Rest API Zonos provides the Orders Rest Service to allow merchants to:

Retrieve Order Numbers, Order Details, Shipping Status, and Tracking Numbers, from Zonos. Update Zonos orders with the merchant’s own order id. Shopping Rest API Zonos provides the Shopping Rest API to allow merchants to build an international shopping experience on their own e-commerce website, similar to Zonos hosted checkout. The Shopping Rest API provides the following:

Obtain accurate Weights, Shipping Quotes, and Duties & Taxes amounts for international customer orders. Obtain foreign country specific address fields, which fields are required, and how they map to standard US Address fields. Obtain country specific information about customers based on their IP Address and other customer tracking information. Determine which, if any, items are restricted to specific countries, to protect against selling items to customers who cannot legally import or own them. Foreign Payments API Zonos provides the Foreign Payments API to allow merchants to:

Obtain accurate exchange rates for currencies, that can be used to transact in the customer’s foreign currency directly, eliminating any unexpected bank charges or exchange fees. Process payments for all standard, and many exotic foreign, payment methods. The usage of these Zonos Services, by anyone, must comply with the following policies: Zonos Services are the sole property of Zonos. Usage must be explicitly authorized by Zonos, in writing, for the accessing business entity and individuals. All files associated with Zonos Services must be hosted and retrieved by all parties from Zonos’ servers and infrastructure, from the current URLs, specified by Zonos. All files associated with Zonos Services may not be cached by any mechanism between Zonos’ servers and infrastructure, and the end user’s browser. Zonos Services must only be used for the explicitly supplied purposes, in doing business with Zonos. Zonos Services and their URLs may not be shared or disclosed to any 3rd parties. Zonos Services may not be reverse engineered, emulated, copied, mimicked, or duplicated in any way. Zonos Services are subject to change and must be expected to be updated at any time, by Zonos. Services changes that require merchant action will be made known to the merchant before changes are made. Zonos Services may be used to collect statistical data for reporting purposes, with the goal of increasing order conversion for the merchant, and better understanding international customer shopping patterns. Zonos Services must not be used to retrieve information about any other merchant accounts, orders, shipments, customers, etc, that they are not authorized to access. Any infringement of these policies, or any other u