Update Order Status

Service endpoint - updateVendorOrderStatus

This API endpoint is used to update the order status of an order inside the Zonos™ System. This will be used to programmatically update the order’s shipping status or to request a cancellation.

Current order status values

Below is a current list of order statuses that an order may have.

Caution Zonos may add more statuses at any time; your system should accommodate the presence of additional statuses.

The statuses in production will remain in production. Zonos will never remove existing statuses.

Status Description Settable by
IGLOBAL_FRAUD_REVIEW The order is currently under fraud review by iGlobal. Zonos
IGLOBAL_ORDER_IN_PROCESS The order is valid and ready for processing. Zonos
IGLOBAL_ORDER_ON_HOLD The order is currently on a temporary status hold. Zonos
IGLOBAL_ORDER_CANCELLED The order has been cancelled in the iGlobal System. Zonos
VENDOR_PREPARING_ORDER The vendor has marked the order in preparation. Vendor
VENDOR_SHIPMENT_READY The vendor has marked the order ready for shipping. Vendor
VENDOR_LABELS_PRINTED_DATE The vendor has printed shipping labels. Vendor
VENDOR_CANCELLATION_REQUEST The order has been requested for cancellation. Vendor
VENDOR_END_OF_DAY_COMPLETE The order is finalized and complete. Vendor

vendorOrderStatus cannot be updated by the vendor while the order is in one of the following order statuses:


HTTPS request

Information Detail
HTTP method POST
Endpoint URL https://api.iglobalstores.com/v1/updateVendorOrderStatus
Protocol HTTPS
Message format JSON
Accept HTTP header Accept: application/json
Content-Type HTTP header Content-Type: application/json

Request parameters

Message format: JSON

  "store": "999",
  "secret": "f5bde245-f55e-414d-b722-80b25161c12c",
  "orderId": "999-9999",

Request JSON definitions



Store ID provided by Zonos.




API secret GUID provided by Zonos.




The Zonos order ID - can be passed with or without your store ID and hyphen (Example: 123-45678 or 45678).

After order completion and payment, the customer will be redirected to an Order Completion / Order Thank You page hosted on your domain. The URL will contain a querystring parameter “orderId” that will contain this value.

Integer / String



This field is used to update the Zonos System with the new status of an order.

The following order statuses are settable via this API.



HTTPS response

Message format: JSON

Example success response

    "success": "Updated Order: 99999 to new order status: VENDOR_PREPARING_ORDER"

Example error response

    "error": "OrderId: 99999 cannot be moved to order status: VENDOR_PREPARING_ORDER while in status: IGLOBAL_FRAUD_REVIEW"

Error HTTP responses

HTTP Response Codes Response Body Example/Description
406 - Not Acceptable HTML Entity. HTTP “Accept” header is invalid.
415 - Unsupported media type HTML Entity. HTTP “Content-Type” header is invalid.
200 “error”:“could not parse input”
200 “error”:“Parameter orderId required for updateVendorOrderStatus”
200 “error”:“Parameter orderStatus required for updateVendorOrderStatus.”
200 “error”:“orderId: 999-99999 is not a valid orderId”
200 “error”:“Could not retrieve order to updateVendorOrderStatus from orderId: 999-99999”
200 “error”:“OrderId: 999-99999 has already been cancelled and status cannot be updated. Please contact Zonos Support - support@iglobalstores.com”
200 “error”:“Cannot update order status to status: VENDOR_CANCELLATION_REQUEST”
200 “error”:“Cannot update order status to invalid status: NEW_ORDER_STATUS”
200 “error”:“OrderId: 999-99999 already has current status: VENDOR_SHIPMENT_READY”
200 “error”:“OrderId: 999-99999 cannot be moved to order status: VENDOR_CANCELLATION_REQUEST while in status: VENDOR_END_OF_DAY_COMPLETE”
200 “error”:“New Status: NEW_ORDER_STATUS is not a valid order status”
200 “error”:“Could not process updateVendorOrderStatus.”
200 “error”:“Invalid security credentials”

Response JSON definitions


This parameter will contain a summary of the update.



This parameter will only be present in the response when an error has occurred and will contain a description of the cause.