Non Hosted API

Our API’s are organized into a couple of areas:

  1. Localization
  2. Checkout


Provides country specific address field labels, currencies, and current exchange rates.

Localizing your products prices, and how you accept your customers name and address, have the most effect on whether an international shopper purchases from your online store.

This section of our API is designed to be called, and results cached, before your international shoppers arrive at your site.

For details visit the Localization API page.


Provides shipping quotes, duty & tax quotes, and restricted items screening.

The hardest part of selling to international shoppers is accurately calculating shipping rates, allowing for prepayment of import duties and taxes, and mitigating the risks of restricted items holding the whole order up in customs.

Additionally, this section of our API accepts the details of completed orders, and screens them for US Denied Parties that you cannot legally export to.

This section of our API is designed to be called during an international shopper’s checkout process; upon their filling in their shipping address, and upon completing their order.


These end points provide you with accurate shipping quotes, import duties and taxes, as well as screens the items being purchased for restrictions. These restrictions can be caused by many reasons, including country import laws, brand restrictions, carrier restrictions, etc. Additionally, when you take an order from an international customer, you need to call our API with a few more details so that we can screen the customer against US Denied Party lists. If your customer is in fact a denied party, we will send an email notification to your organization.

Service End Points

  1. Landed Cost
  2. Order Completed


To access our API, you will need an API Security Token. Your account manager is able to provide this to you.

First, you will be given a Test API Security Token, to be used with our Integration & Testing Environment. Once you are ready to call our Production API Environment, we will send you a Production API Security Token.

The API Security Token is passed to our API as an HTTP header named serviceToken.

Test API Environment Details

Base URL
Protocol HTTPS
Message Format JSON

Our test environment is not intended to support load testing or other intense testing. It’s purpose is for system integration testing. If you have a specific testing need contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.