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Product csv description


Product CSV descriptions


Learn how to fill out your Catalog CSV successfully in Zonos Dashboard.

Catalog CSV field descriptions 

When filling out the Catalog CSV, the only required field is the sku and/or the productId. Learn more about Catalog’s identifiers. If your file has duplicates of the same product based on the Catalog identifier, it create a product the first time and then update the product with new or additional product details if applicable.

Once you fill out the catalog template with your product details, upload your CSV to your Catalog.

SKUThe code that identifies the product within your business
Product IDYour product identifier, commonly the ID from your ecommerce platform
NameThe name of your product
DescriptionThe full description of your product
Weight unitsThe product’s weight unit. If a unit is not provided, the value will default to pound. Valid values are gram, kilogram, pound, and ounce
WeightThe product’s weight
Dimensional unitsThe product’s dimensional unit. If a unit is not provided, the value will default to inch. Valid values are inch, foot, yard, millimeter, centimeter, and meter
LengthThe length of the product
WidthThe width of the product
HeightThe height of the product
Restricted countriesRestrict your product from certain countriesValues are 2-digit ISO codes separated by a comma. If you’d like to restrict all countries, input ALL if you’d like to restrict to all countries except for one or a few, input ALL- the countries you’d like to unrestrict separated by commas. For example, ALL-CA,AU,US. If you’d only like to restrict to specific countries, input the countries you'd like to restrict separated by commas. For example, AU,KR,MY,SG
Digital goodDetermines whether the product can be shipped (i.e., E-Books). The value for this is 'digital good'
Country of originThe country the product was manufactured inValues are 2-digit ISO codes, i.e., JP, GB, or KR
HS codeThe product’s HS code. This can be the universal 6-digit code or a country-specific 8+ digit code
HS code ship-to countryIf you provide a country-specific HS code, supply the HS code ship-to country
Image URLThe image URL for the product
MaterialThe main material or composition of your product
BrandThe product’s brand
PriceThe price you’re charging for the product
CurrencyThe currency of the priceValues are 3-digit currency codes, i.e., USD, CAD, or AUD