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Manage products dashboard


Manage catalog products in Zonos Dashboard 


Use Dashboard to manage products in your catalog.

You can create and update products in Catalog via Dashboard or through the Catalog API. If you want to avoid writing code or making minor product changes, follow the steps below to add, modify, and delete your product(s).

By default, your Catalog products will be displayed in Dashboard in the order the products were created or imported.

Create a product 

To create a single product in Catalog:

  1. Go to Catalog and click on Add product in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Add your product details. The only field required to create a product is the SKU and/or product ID field(s). These fields will be used to reference your catalog products. Learn more about Catalog’s identifiers.
  3. Optional— Add your classification details.
  4. Optional— Add your shipping information (weight, dimensions, units of measure, etc.).
  5. Optional— Add restricted countries.
  6. Click save product.

To upload multiple products or your entire catalog to Catalog, follow these steps.

If you attempt to create a product that already exists, Catalog will recognize the product based on the SKU and/or product ID and override the original product's details with the new details.

Edit a product 

To edit a product in Catalog:

  1. Click on the All products tab.
  2. Select the product you want to edit.
  3. Make your changes.
  4. Click save product.

Learn how overriding existing products affect your data.

Delete a product 

To delete a product in Catalog:

  1. Click on the All products tab.
  2. Select the product or products you want to delete. If you want to delete all products, select the checkbox at the top left of your catalog to select all. Once your product(s) are selected, a delete button will appear.
  3. Click delete.

Restrict a product 

To restrict a single product in Catalog:

  1. Click on the All products tab.
  2. Select the product to which you want to add a restriction, which will open the edit page.
  3. Find the restrictions section at the bottom of the edit page.
  4. Add the countries you want to restrict your product to by selecting or typing the country name(s).
  5. Click save product.

To restrict multiple products in Catalog:

  1. Click on the Import/export tab.
  2. Download the Catalog template CSV.
  3. Fill out the template with your product details. Include your SKU/Product ID and restricted countries by following the Catalog CSV format.
  4. Save your file as a CSV and upload to Catalog by dragging and dropping or selecting your file by clicking browse on the same page you downloaded the CSV from.
  5. Review your uploaded products in the preview screen and click upload.

If you’d like to restrict catalog products in bulk via CSV, follow the product CSV description format.

Restricted message in Checkout


If you're using Checkout, a restricted message will be displayed in your checkout when a product is restricted to the customer's country. By default, the message will say "This item is restricted from import to your country," but you can customize your own restricted message when adding your country restrictions.

Filtering restricted products:

You can filter restricted products directly in the catalog by downloading your entire catalog in CSV format from Dashboard and opening it in Excel or Google Sheets. From there, you can use the filtering feature to view only the restricted products. This allows you to easily locate and manage the restricted products in your catalog.

If you need to update your catalog after making changes to your CSV, reupload the file and any matching products will be replaced with the updated version. This is done by identifying and matching the SKU and/or product ID.

Add a user-provided HS code to a catalog product 

You can provide your own HS code to a catalog product by:

  1. Click on the All products tab.
  2. Select the product to which you want to add an HS code, which will open the edit page.
  3. Input your HS code(s) in the universal and country-specific field(s), if applicable.
  4. Click save product.

Export your products 

When you export your products, it will automatically export your entire product catalog in a CSV file.

  1. Go to the main page of your Catalog.
  2. Click the Export button next to Add product.
  3. Find your full catalog file in your downloads.