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Catalog identifiers


Catalog identifiers


Add unique identifiers to your products.

Zonos Catalog allows you to use your choice of productId and/or sku to create and reference your catalog item details. This means that if you have both a productId and sku for your item, the combination of the two must be unique. Note that it's also considered a unique combo if one field is populated and the other is blank.

Catalog identifier examples 

  • sku: 123 ProductId: 222 ✔️

  • sku: 333 Product ID: 222 ✔️

  • sku: 123 Product Id: 321 ✖️ (because the combo matches example 1)

  • sku: 123 Product id: blank ✔️

  • sku: 123 Product id: blank ✖️ (because the combo matches example 5)