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Create, modify, and manage your products with Zonos Catalog to simplify your product management needs.


Catalog manages all of your product details in Dashboard, which you can use to power your landed cost quotes, generate labels, store and manage your classifications, and more.

You can create, import, and modify products directly in Dashboard or through the Catalog API.

How Catalog can help your business 

Catalog simplifies the hassle of managing your catalog by centralizing all of your product information in one place. With all of your product details in Catalog, you can accurately and effortlessly utilize your product details to simplify your cross-border shipping logistics. Catalog allows you to ensure that all your product details are accurately accounted for when generating a landed cost quote, helping you correctly assess duties and taxes and ensure a smooth customs experience for your customers.

Catalog manages the following product information:

  • Product identifiers: SKU, product ID
  • Product details: Name, description, image URL, country of origin, price, currency, brand, material
  • Classification details: Universal HS code, country-specific HS codes
  • Weight and dimensions: Weight, length, width, height; digital good
  • Restricted countries: Select all or specific countries you’d like to restrict your product to

Learn more about Catalog product fields.

One of the key benefits of Catalog is that it can help you overcome limitations from other ecommerce platforms. For example, platforms like Shopify may not provide product dimensions, while BigCommerce may not include HS code or country of origin functionality. With Catalog, you can ensure that all necessary product fields and functionality are accessible and utilized, avoiding any limitations from your platform's catalog.

Note that you don't have to fill out all product fields in Catalog. Catalog can supplement any of your product information, even if you only want to use a single field. For example, if you just want to use Catalog for country-specific HS codes because your ecommerce platform only supports universal HS codes, you can simply utilize Catalog's country-specific HS code(s) along with the SKU or Product ID to reference and override your existing product information.

Once you have all of your desired product details in Catalog by creating or importing your products, you can utilize that respective product information in a myriad of ways, including the following:


Get started with Catalog 

To use Catalog:

  1. Log in to your Dashboard account --> Catalog.
  2. From there, you can add, edit, delete, and export your products (with all the details listed above) and ensure that all your product details are accurate and up to date and, most importantly, all your product details are in one place.

Learn more about getting started with Catalog.