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Confidence score


Classify confidence score

Learn how Classify's confidence scoring works.

Zonos Classify returns HS codes based on a confidence scoring system to ensure you receive accurate and reliable results.

How confidence scoring works 

Classify's confidence score is a numerical value from 1-100 that represents the accuracy level of the classification result. We calculate the confidence score using AI, a weighted aggregation of key data points, and other relevant information.

By default, Classify's confidence score is set at 25%. When the confidence score falls below 25%, it's usually an indicator that the input data may be too vague, incomplete, or inaccurate. In such cases, we recommend reviewing your input data to ensure its accuracy before attempting to reclassify.

While Classify has a default confidence score, you can adjust the score to suit your business needs. If the confidence score is less than your desired percentage, Classify will not return an HS code. Instead, it will notify you an HS code could not be found and prompt you to add more product information.

Classify's confidence score is an essential part of Classify as it ensures we return HS codes within your risk tolerance. For example, when using Classify's standard and default confidence score of 25%, Classify will not provide classifications for ambiguous descriptions like "handmade accessories" or "dragon pack." However, by reducing the confidence score to 0%, Classify may make certain assumptions, such as classifying "handmade accessories" as "bracelets" and "dragon pack" as a toy, to generate classifications whenever possible.

Set your confidence score 

To consult with a classification expert and to adjust your confidence score level, reach out to classify@zonos.com.