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Decoding classifications 

Explore our resources on HS code classification.

Our comprehensive guides will provide detailed information on HS codes and classifications. These guides are intended to help educate on HS codes, product descriptions, and the classification of goods.

Available guides 

  • HS codes - Learn what HS codes are, where they come from, how they’re used, and the difference between universal and country-specific HS codes.
  • GRIs: How to classify - Learn the World Customs Organization’s general rules of interpretation which should be strictly followed when classifying goods.
  • Quality descriptions - Learn how to write a quality description to generate an accurate HS code.
  • HS versions by country - WCO country tariff version tracker.
  • 2022 HS updates - Information on the amended version of the WCO Harmonized System.
  • Bundles, kits, and sets - ISC2 and how it impacts cross-border ecommerce.
  • ICS2 - Learn how to classify bundles, kits, and sets.

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